Tuesday, January 31, 2006

That Girl's A Runner!

The Sheep has a history of doing, shall we say, "poorly" in relationships. I start off well...I really do. Each time, I say to myself, "Self, you will focus this time, you will not let the little things get to you, you will work through the hard times and not start thinking that there is something better out there." It doesn't work. At present, the most stable and long-term relationship in my life is with my dentist. And I'm ready to bolt on that one too.

So when I somehow managed to lose that tiny snippet of code that allowed me to view my blog in a manner pleasing to my Sheepie eyes, I really did try to stay with it. I wanted to work out our issues in an adult manner and make what we once had beautiful again. Better even.

I tried...I really did. I couldn't do it. My wayward ways got the better of me and I began to think, "I can do better...this is too hard...I need to get away...I need to run away!!!!" I can't breathe, I'm suffocating, it's not you, it's me!!!!"

So, here's my new template. I've managed to put back most of the sidebar "blingage" and will fiddle with it more over the weekend. I feel renewed. This time it will work. The last one just wasn't "the one." I've learned and grown and will make more of an effort to commit this time. I'll be more careful to consider the needs and wants of another. It will be perfect...angels will sing...others will hold us up as the standard of relationships.

Well, at least until it gets uppity on me...


mrichme said...

A nice cleaner look to the blog. Way to go!

Auntie Heidi said...

I like it - stick with it. I know you can do it!

camadsmom said...

It is so you. I like this look better. Your choice to change is a good one. You go girl.