Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This!

Urk...being a teacher in a Day Treatment Program is always enough to keep a Sheep on her toes. Today, however, was the equivalent of a 7 hour ballet. My toes hurt. As does every other part of my middle aged body. I was kicked, hit, bitten and scratched every hour on the hour. I am getting too old for this...I'm thinking of marrying for money. How hard can it be?

In lighter news, I made it home, rode my little exercise bike for 40 minutes, grabbed myself a Lean Pocket and cast on for yet another Curly Whirly. I wore the one from last week's workshop and it was a big hit at the bruise factory...I mean school. This is a super mindless project and, despite being slightly tacky, one that looks like it took greater effort than it actually required. This one is in a boucle and will be a bit longer. We'll see how that works up when we return to the next workshop session on Thursday.

I also spent some quality time inhaling Tung Oil fumes in order that I might get another coat on the new bobbins. They are looking good and Dear Old Dad has given his approval. (I am emailing him regularly with my progress on these little beauties...if I'm really careful, I can make a small mistake that won't ruin the finish and yet will give him a chance to "help." Dad likes to help.)

And that, Ladies and Gentleman, is the end of my "thinking" activities for this evening. I am wiped out!!! Tomorrow promises to be a truly crappy commute with ice and sleet and all the things that make me want to point the car south and just keep going. Gonna need my rest for that exercise in terror. Note to self: wear the good underwear tomorrow in the event of catastrophic crash.

I'm going to get some chocolate now!


mrichme said...


How badly do days like today make you want to revise the resume for counseling? I'm sorry to hear about your day at school. I think it is something in the air/water or whatever because our students seemed off today as well.

My car is already facing east with the idea of sliding and hopefully landing at school in the morning. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a delay becuase I want the day in January not in June! We can only hope.

I'm a little worried about the inhaling. There are places you can go to in order to have this issue dealt with. Those brain cells don't need to die off unnecessarily.

Tomorrow is another day! Keep your chin up.

knitannie said...

I used to work in a chemical (pharmaceutical) factory and I would always make sure I wore good underwear in case there was a spill. There was an emergency "shower" in the middle of our glass walled lab that we would have to get under. Lets just say I was happy to end that job!

camadsmom said...

Today is a new day. Rain has fallen not ice. It is a good morning and the school year will end a day earlier in June. Only 98 more school days in the year.

missemilysmom said...

Ouch~~ I am sorry... I have been there and done that... I feel your pain... Where was I when all this abuse happened... Hmmmm... And the beat goes on...