Monday, January 09, 2006

Sleepy Sheepie.

The title of the post speaks for itself, but I shall elaborate anyway as this is my little corner of the 'net and I can whine if I want to. But first, Knit Annie asked where I got the pattern for the SOS. (note: said garment is on the back burner for the moment...I couldn't seem to count with my full faculties intact. I think that the current state of my brain is not quite up to this challenge.) Anyhoo...the pattern is from the Winter 2003/04 issue of Vogue Knitting International. In addition to being a sleepy sheepie, I am also a cheapie sheepie and don't have a scanner. The pix I took of the mag don't look so hot; thus, I'm afraid I can't show you what it is supposed to look like. I'll keep working on it!

About the sleep thing. I was feeling pretty frisky on Saturday as I'd knocked back some z's. Sunday was another matter having spent another night just a tossin' and a turnin'. "No problem," bleated The Sheep. "That just means I'll be so darned tuckered out that I'll sleep tonight like a wee little lambie." Yeah, right. Today, I got to start the workweek on a total of three hours of dream-time. I'm starting to hallucinate. I see dancing elephants and Brad Pitt...ladies, you know what I mean: the vision where he swears to forsake Jen, Angelina, "fill in the blank with the paramour of the moment" as he has never seen a vision so lovely as The Sheep. While this is an entertaining way to spend the day, it is not exactly conducive to productivity in the workplace. Here's hoping tonight goes better!

On a happier note: As I was attempting to enter my classroom at the end of the school day today and pack up my stuff I found myself blocked by two co-workers. They were attempting to program a pedometer prior to what I guessed was an indoor walk. I excused myself, got into the room, then remembered something I needed on the lower level. Upon returning to the main floor, I found myself behind these ladies midwalk. They were cranking along at quite a clip, might I add. I did have to wait for them on the the stairs, though. As we were navigating around each other one of them turned and said, "Please tell me you're not trying to lose weight, too. Cause if you are, I'm just gonna cry." I was flattered. I also explained that I had recently lost 60 or so pounds and understood the pain of the process. Appropriate Kudos were received and The Sheep felt a little better about such things in life as The SOS, Fuzzy-No-Sleep-Brain, and the state of the union.

Here's to the little pleasures!

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camadsmom said...

I can completely sympithies, simpithies, simpythies (however its spelled) with you over the sleep issue. I sit her at midnight blogging. That should tell you something.