Saturday, January 07, 2006

Feeling somewhat human again!

Got a solid 8 hours of sack time last night and threw in a lengthy nap today just for good measure! I'm up to 80% brain power which is more than I started with by my humble calculations! Yay!!! I was so pleased with myself that I put the plan to torture the cats for their part in the "Sleep Deprivation '06" fiasco on the back burner for the time being. This can be re-instituted should their behavior continue next week.

I spent some time with the SOS and think that I may have resolved some of the shaping issues. It's still going to require some blocking in order to resemble the finished product the good people at Vogue had in mind, but I'm feeling a little better about the whole thing. Let's face it...I was never going to look like that 14 year old waif model staring at me with glazed eyes from some New York locale that they featured in the mag. I'm a "mature" woman living in rural Maine. I do kinda have the glazed eyes, though.

As of 10:00 this morning; Both sides are finished now and sort of even match!

In other knitting knews, Son of Skinny Scarf also got some needle time today and is coming along. No rush on it, it's just a nice distraction from the SOS. (mrichme suggested that this could mean "s&*t on sticks...I like that one) I did a gauge swatch to see if the Classic Elite Mohair might work for a certain special project (it won't) and ordered some new bobbins and rug backing from The Woolery. Tonight, I'm going to get behind the wheel (cuz I'm off the painkillers now and can do this legally) and get back to work on the Lincoln/metallic blend. I had hoped to get the drum carder out for more blending and see if I couldn't get some of that out of the way, but the day is only so long. Maybe tomorrow.

All in all, I managed to successfully avoid most of the housework that piled up during the course of the week and to not write the report due for the agency that provides my second income. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I'd say this Sheep has earned a pot of coffee and a few of the chocolates that were saved from the New Year's "as god is my witness, I will not eat this crap and will live on vegetables so that I can be healthy and undo 40 years of bad habits" purge. Yee-Haw!!!

Enjoy your weekend!



mrichme said...

I can't take credit for the name. I think it was knitannie. I did think of some creative names for SOS but I didn't want to go down that road.

Sheepish Annie said...

Whatever...I'll give credit where credit is due in a later post!!!