Saturday, January 14, 2006

"But I Don't Like Spam!!!!"

Monty Python fans will get the title...the rest can just see it as a Internet reference.

Anyhoo...The Sheep got her first comment spam. As flattered as I am to think that those in "Cheap Shot Marketing Land" think that using this blog as a means for reaching the masses is a good plan, I am attempting to crush them like the bugs and parasites that they be. In that vein, Blogger's "Word Verification" is now ON!! Will this thwart them? Probably not. Cockroaches always seem to find a way to survive. Sorry for the inconvenience to all 4 of you out there who comment on my ramblings. You'll just have to sacrifice two seconds of your time to continue being a part of the phenomenon that is "Sheepish Annie."

Fiber -related content to follow in a later post!


camadsmom said...

I personally am offended by the need to do the word verfication. I think it is against the bill of rights and our freedom of speech. I believe that the Spams of the world have a right to annoy people. Lets all praise the spammers.

OK does anyone really think I feel this way? NOT! I don't mind the tenth of a second it takes to complete a word verification if it means a spam free world. You go GIRL. Fight back.

mrichme said...

As long it is only 2 not 1 not 3 but 2 seconds.