Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Challenge:

Knit Annie, upon reading about my horrid week, challenged me to do something wild and crazy this weekend in order to blow off some steam and make it all better. This, in and of itself, was a bit of a challenge for middle-aged moi! The Sheep partakes of neither grape nor grain so that kind of eliminated any torrid barroom encounters and illicit Vegas weddings. It also ruled out such things as skydiving and bungee-jumping since I'd have to be pretty hammered to even consider that. After discussing it with my staff whilst we waited out a tantruming child, it was agreed that my best bet would involve impulse shopping. I'm really good at that.

The first attempt ended in utter failure due to the demise of my favorite yarn haunt. The cashmere I'd been eying for a while then putting back due to the expense is no longer on the shelves and will, of course, not be replaced since there will be no store in which to house it. I ended up purchasing quite a bit, but, at 50% off, it didn't really seem to be the big splurge required to call this a wild and crazy shopping trip. It all seemed quite practical and responsible, even taking into consideration the question of available funds following the direct deposit debacle on Friday. Saturday was a wash on the challenge.

The next suggestion from my savvy staff involved shoe shopping. I'm a girl (ok, "mature woman"...whatever) and should be better at the shoe thing. Despite my love of shopping, I really do tend to be quite practical when it comes to clothing and keeping myself shod. If I can't wear it to work, I generally won't buy it. The shoe thing has always just escaped me. I was determine, however, to find something today (Sunday) that was highly impractical and girly. Well, I woke up with a case of the sniffles this morning. Everyone else I know who has come down with this cold has ended up becoming quite ill, so I decided to stay home. Undeterred, I hit the Net. I did, in fact find a very cute pair of high-heeled Mary Janes that were almost my size and even a rather risque sweater to go with them. I hemmed, I hawed, I entered the credit card number. They are on their way. I will own a pair of heels. This was such a rush that The Sheep is even looking at a second pair of wicked grown up sexy-lady heels on Ebay. I still have a few hours to consider that. My pulse rate is up and I'm feeling slightly flushed! This is therapy!!!

Probably wasn't what you had in mind, KA but thanks for the push. It had it's ups and down, but was fun!

In more mundane news, I spent some time reworking my rug pattern to account for the fact that I wasn't able to find more of the raspberry-colored Lopi to finish the hearts in the center. I think this will work:

This will look much better when finished, I promise!
I also slapped the final coat of Tung oil on the bobbins and they should be dry for next weekend's planned spinning push. I've been putting off the spinning a bit lately and really should see if I can't get more of this Lincoln blend taken care of. I still have 4-plus pound of Jacob wool to get carded up.
Son of Skinny Scarf should also be done this week. I was able to snag another skein of the required yarn yesterday. I probably won't be able to knit as much at the workshops this week as it's going to be more physical training from this point out. However, I have taken Friday off to deal with a "Dentist Drama," so I should have some time in the afternoon to get that finished up. This is going to be one loooooooong scarf! I want something that will wrap several times around the neck and still leave the ends a-flutterin' in the breeze.
Lunches have been made, the ironing is done and I'm ready to settle in with some Nyquil and cartoons for the afternoon. I see a nap in my future! (and perhaps another trip to the world of Ebay to deal with my new shoe addiction :)
Enjoy your day!


missemilysmom said...

Looks wonderful (the rug) is that rug hooking? Punching?

I want to shop to but since I have still to see a deposit of a paycheck I have refrained!! URGH!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh God, don't tell me that!!! I've been afraid to check. The rug is hooked. I have a small one that I've been lugging around to show people; I'll let you check it out tomorrow.

camadsmom said...

I want to see it too. Stop by my school sometime. It looks great. I am proud of your shopping spree and high heels. Do you were them with Socks or sox?

Sheepish Annie said...


knitannie said...

That's awesome. Exactly what I had in mind: frivolous and against the grain. Can't wait to see a picture.