Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sheepie's P.P

Everyone has a favorite P.P. (Portable Project) Many knitters out there favor the sock or the mitten. For me, it's the scarf. Portables are generally those things that I knit during workshops and conferences and I need to be able to focus on the speaker, participate when needed and, in general, be all professional and stuff. Multi-tasking is not a strength for The Sheep so scarves are the perfect project provided they aren't too complicated. And, lucky moi, I happen to have a scarf-in-progress:

Son Of Skinny Scarf: Humming along nicely!

Oh, but wait...we have a problem. I need more yarn. Not a crisis, except that I have a workshop on Friday and no time whatsoever to hit the LYS to get more. This means I need to cast on for another project so I don't lose my mind whilst sitting at said workshop listening, participating and looking all professional. The Sheep sometimes gets antsy when asked to sit for long periods. Meds help, but not for the hours that I envision in this instance.

Fortunately, I have some super pretty Classic Elite Mohair just waiting to be strung up into somethin' purty. Of course, it is not the color I thought (purple instead of black) but I still can't wait to make it into the scarf of my dreams. Now I'm bumping up against problem #2. The scarf I want to make with this is a lace pattern. A simple lace pattern, granted, but I'm not sure if it translates well into a P.P. It is only a four row repeat, and I know that, once I get it burned into my synapses, it will go well. I'm just not sure if said burning will occur within the next 48 hours or so. If not, we'll have to go with something simpler. Or take along the pattern, a package of Post Its and my very loud, clicky stitch counter. And Duct Tape to put across my mouth to contain the barrage of inevitable cursing. That could take away from the whole professional demeanor thing.

We'll see how it goes tonight! Glad that sleep has returned and that I can process things a bit better. Not so well that I'm willing to take the cursed SOS to the workshop, though. That stupid thing will not see the light of day until it is seamed, blocked and there is an eclipse to dim the view.

Happy WIPs and PPs to all!


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missemilysmom said...

Have a nice day tomorrow :)
See you Tuesday... In am taking my P.P. s to VT with me!! Hope to be back Sunday but the weather may delay us till Monday... Oh well!!