Monday, January 16, 2006

An Extra Day...Now What To Do?

Well, it's a three day weekend and I get a whole extra day to do whatever floats my sheepie little boat! I'm finding, however, that I'm a tad overwhelmed by the possibilities. There's the need for some extra yarn, the tung oil run, the lack of pizza in my home...where to start? Thus, The Sheep is sitting on her couch, still in her pretty pink PJ's trying to narrow down the "out of the house" errands so that there will still be time to work on some projects for the remainder of the day. It's exhausting being me!!!

I recovered from my trip in the frozen outdoors yesterday and worked on several projects well-suited to the weather:

Started a new rug!

Another bobbin of Lincoln/Metallic...I'm starting to get sick of this stuff!!!

Desdemona Says, "No, you can't work on your scarf...I need to warm up the pattern."

Well, I did get a bit further on the scarf...I just had to carefully time it to coincide with litter box and food trips. It's easier than arguing.

It's a rousing 9 degrees outside today and I know that I need to pick an errand or two if only to start the car and let it warm up. My best guess at this point is that I'll deal with the pizza and Tung oil issue and leave the yarn for next weekend. It's always better to plan yarn trips around one's pay schedule rather than by impulse.

I'm off to start this happy, happy day!!!!



camadsmom said...

It does sound tuff being you. You have motivated me to start my day.

mrichme said...

Priorities Sheepish! Do want you need to make yourself happy. Projects may come and may go but your need for pizza will always be there.