Saturday, January 21, 2006

Good Grief!!!!!

All this for $38.00? There is a disturbance in The Force, I fear!!!

OK, so I go to see Amy The Scary Stylist (who did her usual amazing job, all without input from The Sheep, I might add) and then head out to treat myself to shopping at my LYS. After this week, I felt I was due. This trip was made all the more urgent due to the fact that Amy fell in love with my fingerless gloves (thank you Mama E!) and I needed to get some sock yarn to complete a pair per her request. I was fairly a-quiver when I pulled into the parking lot!!! I was a bit distracted, I guess you could say.

You know it's a bad sign when you hit the yarn room and note that the pickings seem a bit slimmer than usual. The radar starts going off when the salesperson comes over to inform you that pretty much everything in the store is 50% off. The Sheep is good at denial and was able to squelch the feeling of doom that was rapidly overtaking her. There was no getting around it, though. I was informed at the register that the store is, in fact, closing. (a little tidbit of which I would have been aware had I taken the time to notice the rather large sign in the window)

The plan, at this juncture, is to make many repeat trips to get as much as I can before D-Day. Of course, I don't know when that is as I neglected to ask given my level of distress. We'll figure it out.

This week needs to end. It really does. There is not enough chocolate in the state to get me through much more.

I'll just be off gazing wistfully at my purchases and wondering what I did in a past life to have earned this week of Killer Karma!



camadsmom said...

Nice Lot. Sorry to here about your LYS. Its hard when one of your favorite stores closes. It always seems to happen to the best. Best wishes. Let us know when its all over and when the visiting hours occur.

Sheepish Annie said...

Actually, you should head over...really good deals while they last. It's right on rt. 1 just past where mrichme gets his hair done :)

camadsmom said...

I love the picture of you. You look fantastic. Where did you ever find it.

Sheepish Annie said...

It's a Yahoo Avatar. Doesn't it look just like me? :) You can build one by clicking on the link under the graphic and get an html to paste into your own blog template!