Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And The Beat Goes On...

The Sheep survived her morning commute without incident. It was much ado about nothing as they say; just a lot of rain. No catastrophic car crash. So I wore the "good" underwear for nothing. Waste of a perfectly good thong...hey if I want to marry for money and retire while I still have the will to live I might want to try snagging a doctor.

The school day was really just a repeat of yesterday except that, today, we got to do it in the dark. The power went out just after noon. Try keeping twelve behaviorally and attentionally challenged children between the ages of 6 and 10 focused during a three hour black-out...I dare you. Try keeping three tired and frustrated staff members focused during the same black-out...I double-dog-dare you. I'm a sheep, not a mother hen, for crying out loud!!!!

Tomorrow is another 7 hour workshop so I'm rushing to get the increases done on the new curly whirly so that I can just garter stitch my way through the mind-numbing hours ahead. Of course, I managed to drop a stitch somewhere along the line and there are so many of the damn things on the needle that it was a booger trying to find and coax it back into place. I was chatting with missemilysmom yesterday and commented that, prior to posting such things on these internets, I never seemed to have these problems! There is something about putting it out there for the world to see that must bring out some weird sort of performance anxiety in me. Sheesh...I mean, really, I've been doing this for years! Now, the stitches are jumping ship or purling when they should be knitting and I'm thinking that it's a plot. Either way, I found the wayward little devil in this project and all seems to be well. I win. It was nice to win one thing today!!!!!

The other prep work I need to do for this workshop is more on the mundane side: pages and pages of homework. Reading mostly...I'll be skimming. It's boring. Really boring. I probably should go do that now...right



missemilysmom said...
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missemilysmom said...

Okay I deleted the first post due to spelling errors...

Have fun at the workshop :) Knit away!! I hope to have a working lab when I return tomorrow after the power outage!!

And yes the beat goes on and on!!
Remember it's all Good!!

knitannie said...

You need to have some fun this weekend! I want to see a blog next week all about you letting off steam and doing something crazy.
There's your challenge.