Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Now And For All Time:

For the last week or so I have been referring to my latest WIP as either "The Sweater of Shame" or "The Not-So-Fringed-Collar-Sweater." A decision has been made and we will now all refer to this as the "SOS." This can still stand for "Sweater of Shame" or it can just mean, "help." It can also mean, "Sweater of Swearing," or Stupid Old Sweater." On good days it can be the "Sweater of Success" but I'm not seeing this as a reality at the moment. I can continue to blame the pattern as is my wont, but I suspect that I just got distracted. Either way, we have had decrease issues. Many, many decrease issues. The stitch count continues to be way off.

Soooo, I adjusted...and adjusted...and...well you get the idea. Last night I wrapped this sucker around me in front of the bathroom mirror to see if said adjustments were as visible to the casual observer as they are to me and POP! There went the stitch holder for the center. I think I rescued all the dropped stitches. They were fleeing towards the bottom ribbing like Prada-wearing socialites in acid rain. Many bad, bad words were said.

Tonight, I am going to spend some quality time with the Son of Skinny Scarf. This little number never causes me such angst. It is all that is good and kind in this world. It treats me like a lady. God love the garter stitch.

May all your WIPS be kind to you,


camadsmom said...

Maybe I don't want you to make me a sweater when your done with SOS.

knitannie said...

what about "S**t On Sticks"?

missemilysmom said...

Remember it's all good!!

What are we to do!!