Friday, January 27, 2006


I was going back over some earlier posts just to see how I'd grown as a blogger over the past couple of months and made an interesting discovery: spam comments. Yes, I knew I had some; that's why I went to "word verification." It was the senders that sort of surprised me: Dentists!!!!! Or dentist-related companies. Or sick, sad people who get off on the whole dental thing. Whatever. It made me wonder if, just maybe, I was a bit obsessed with the whole dental nightmare that's been going on in my life since November. This was supposed to be a "Fiber-Related" blog. How did we get to dentistry??????? Because this has been bad, people. Really bad. If I'm obsessing, sorry. The cats have lost any interest in the topic, my co-workers are so sick of hearing about it that they invent family emergencies and break their own fingers in futile attempts to find any excuse to not have to listen to me any more and my parents have moved to their Florida home for the winter. It's all you. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Today's appointment was not quite as bad as others. Dr. DeSade (not his real name; it's my pet name for him derived from the famous Marquis) was very busy and was doubling and tripling up on appointments. Ironically, this is when he is at his best. He doesn't have time to "chat" (read here: pontificate on his view of the world) and is actually a tad more nurturing. I know...shocking. I'm not saying he's warm and fuzzy or anything, but he's a bit better. It's when he has the time to really focus on his patient that he he gets unpleasant. That or he is beginning to recognize the homicidal look in my eyes. Either way, he almost gave me enough novacaine and even apologized for any discomfort. He even patted my shoulder once!!!

Still, when the session was over (five fillings, thank you very much!) I was up and out of the chair before he could even finish putting it in the full and upright position. He was still saying his "toodle-oos" as I was fleeing towards reception, but I did hear the words, "next time it will only be two." Yeah...about I opted not to make the next appointment and said I would call. (note: I didn't say that directly to him, I said it to the receptionist. I'm not that stupid!) I think that the doc and I need to go on "a break." He's free to see other people, reflect on our relationship, decide what he really wants...whatever. I'm out for a while. I will go back, I just need a period of time in my life, however short, where I don't have an impending dentist appointment. I don't sleep for a week prior, I obsess, and I end up with dental spam. It's not good.

On the happier (sort of) side of things, I returned to my soon-to-be-no-more LYS and dropped (gulp) $160.00 buying out anything that I thought I might need at 60% off! Knowing it was all waiting for me in the car helped me to feel a bit better during my hour of torture:

It's a bountiful wonderland of yarn!!!!

This will give me something to work with for a while!!! Of course the Lopi wasn't on sale. But I needed some for the rug project and it was right there so I figured, "what the heck?" This will probably be my last trip unless I decide to go again over the weekend. Monday is the last day they will be open and I have this whole "job thing" to go to. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe the new store will also be a yarn store...maybe they will have spinning supplies...and foot massages...and cake! Who am I kidding? It's probably gonna be a comic book store.



Mia said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to stop by and browse for a bit... but not that I'm here I want to say..

YOU CRACK ME UP! I was actually laughing out loud at some of the dentist stories :-)

mrichme said...


I think that it is a good thing that you and your "signficant other" are taking this break. It is healthy to explore other relationships.

How nice would it be for the three fronts to be keep Sheepish locked up (with enough pizza) for a day? I'm sure you're thinking "pretty good". I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

missemilysmom said...

I am glad you survived. I am so jealous of your yarn buy!! My car got fixed so I may be able to splurge today.... If my siser let's me... We are birthday party shopping for the soon to be 4 going on 40 year old!!

camadsmom said...

now that you got all that yarn, whatya gonna make Camadsmom?