Saturday, January 07, 2006

Little Progress Here In Wakey-Wakey Land.

Thanks to the not-so-gentle ministrations of Dr. DeSade ,DMD, (not his real name for those who haven't been keeping up, just my little "pet" name for him), The Sheep has been on and off various pain killers for the last month or so. As has happened in the past, they have worked their magic and allowed for agony-free days and sweet, sweet sleep. The downside is, of course, that you can't take them forever. I tend to develop rapid relationships with these little beauties and often have difficulty when the time comes to stop taking them. I miss sleep. It is a wonderful time for're not dead, but you're not conscious. That is so cool. I miss sleep.

Since school started on Tuesday, I haven't really slept through a full night and last night was the worst. Like many others with Attention Deficit Disorder, I can sometimes fiddle around with caffeine and ingest the right amount to put me out, but this isn't always an exact science. So now we have a tired Sheep standing before the coffee maker at three a.m. (please note that I leave for work at seven a.m.) playing mad scientist and trying to create a beverage that will induce the "paradoxical effect" and induce sleep. This pattern wasn't a problem while I was home on break, I just made up the hours during the day. This is frowned upon in the public education system. There is an expectation that the teacher will remain awake during school hours and provide the little darlings with various types of instruction and nurturing. You see why this has been a challenge.

Here is the other part of the problem:

Who, us?
Yes, my darlings, you. The children seem to be having difficulties with the transition back to the daily grind and have decided to punish Mommy by having late-night wrestling matches, howling from various, un-findable locales in the condo and leaping upon her tummy just when she is about to drop off.
As a result, there has been little progress on any fiber projects here at Casa de Sheepie. One side of the SOS is bound off and the second is in progress. The one good part of sleep deprivation is that you care less about the little things, matching sweater fronts for example. Let's just cross our fingers that I can make the same adjustments to the left as for the right and that the mistakes will look enough alike to pass for "that's what I meant to do." Thank heaven for Son of Skinny Scarf...that project is simple enough to do in my sleep. Not that I sleep, but you get the idea.
My plan for the weekend is to try and make up for some Z's and see if I can't get a bit further along on the SOS. I also shall be locating any and all sleeping cats in the household and making sure that they are awakened in the most jarring way possible. There will be hell to pay for this, but I don't care. Revenge is sweet!!!!!
And now to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream!!!

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I hear your pain the transition has been hard CamMad and the lack of z's are having an effect on the 'rents. Keep the faith!