Thursday, January 12, 2006

OK, We Have A Plan!

After casting on several scarfy-type projects to take with me to tomorrow's workshop, I think I've got a winner. None of the lacy-shmacy ones were going to work as they simply required too much attention to detail. With the February break coming up, that may be a challenge to undertake when I have endless hours to do nothing but knit. I have apparently decided to buy my dentist a boat...or his daughter a semester of college. There will be no tropical vacations this year, I fear. But gosh 'n golly my teeth will be all fixed.

This workshop (which encompasses three more weekly sessions) will begin with a good old "Curly-Whirly." You know, the scarf that twists up on itself like when Jessie James is shearing some wicked metal on "Monster Garage?" I can do the basic shaping tonight at home then it will be just straight-up garter stitch for the remainder of the pattern. As a bonus, it is knit side to side rather that up 'n down so I can do it on circulars. This means that I won't forget to bring the other needle. Yes, I have done that on several occasions. It's disconcerting to those around me to listen to the bad, bad words coming from the mean lady.

The pattern is one I found on a long-since-forgotten blog. I'll knit it up, make sure that it works, then post with profound apologies to whomever I have pilfered it from.

The long weekend awaits...I just have to get through this workshop, then a 2 and a half hour parenting education session for job #2 and it's all cartoons and naps till Tuesday!

Smile, tomorrow is Friday!!!


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