Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sometimes It Just Hits You Square In The Face.

The Sheep had a bit of an epiphany tonight. I was knitting merrily away on Son Of Skinny Scarf, that o-so-simple, super-satisfying project and imagining the joy of winding it around my Sheepy little neck. I then decided to take a close up shot of the product. When I viewed the image, it hit me like a b*&ch slap in a bar fight: I am not a classy girl. I lack culture. I prefer frozen pizza over filet mignon, cartoons over documentaries, Hip Hop over NPR. I will never stroll the Louvre and "get it," I shall never be overheard saying something like, "this is a perky little vintage from the South of France." It will just never happen.

Said revelation-inducing accessory is made from StyleCraft Amore and is in a deep purply shade with lots of little fluffy nubbins poking out at various intervals. These nubbins are in varying shades of hot pink and "other purple." I simply love it. It's fun, it's kicky...and it sure ain't Rowan!!!

And to top it all off: my flannel "sheep in track shoes" PJs. Yup, I'm ready for dinner at the White House!!!

I'm really OK with who I be. If I ever wanted to be a more cultured lady, I can't recall the day. I'm a simple Sheep, living my simple life and knitting with yarn that makes me smile. Take that, Vogue!!!

Here's to doing what makes you happy!



camadsmom said...

Here! Here! or is it Hear! Hear! (And I teach English?) Here is to doing what makes you happy.

mrichme said...


CamMad and I love you for the all that you are. You are an individual and you're proud of it. You own it and make it work for you. Keep it up because we expect nothing less.

camadsmom said...

Mrichme is the arm sargent talking to the run way model. Work it, Work it, you can be all that you can be.

knitannie said...

Them some classy PJ's. Love it. You must be classy if you have personalised sheep PJ's for the Sheep!