Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Good Old Days...

Ahhh, I remember when! A time when the Tropics were the Tropics and the NorthEast was the NorthEast. Sure, we had the occasional humid day...we even looked forward to them a bit. It was nice to spend a day pretending that we were in Florida and that the snows were never going to come.

I remember a Sheep who was a-feared of bugs in general and for whom the squashing of one in the house required a sick day and a sedative.

She also used to finish things every now and again...a scarf here, a sock there. It wasn't anything of great import. But it fit in with the general scheme that is her life.

Now I'm just sitting in a pool of water that represents the overflow from the completely saturated air surrounded by unfinished projects and with the carcasses of two mashed spiders on my shoe.

And I feel nothing...I am numb. It is too muggy and buggy to raise the will. Blahhhhh.

I also used to recall a happy time when my internet connection ran like the wind and Blogger let me upload photos. I was able to work my way up to "miffed" on that count. Not as much as I would in low humidity and 75 degrees, but miffed all the same.

Sooooo....here's what you'll have to imagine:

One Boogie Vest about 2/3 completed

One muff about 1/2 completed

One anxiety-provoking quilt set aside for the moment due to:

One new tote bag that I somehow became compelled to start today. I'm not sure what happened there...I just suddenly knew that I needed another unfinished item laying around.

Despite the heat, I did actually finish a work-out today, though. The prospect of the fall clothing fittings made that one seem like something to put at the front of the to-do list. It was really too muggy to be exercising, but a Sheep has to do what a Sheep has to do.

Despite having some difficulties maintaining the exercise schedule I have to say that I'm actually seeing some progress. I know...I'm as shocked as anyone. The focus for the summer has been on the arms and shoulders and there is actually some definition there that wasn't back in June. Yay!!!

Of course, we won't discuss the ongoing status of the "crumply tummy" issue. Some conversations, like knitting and sewing projects, were just meant to be left alone for the time being.



Geraldine said...

Oh NO, NOT the dreaded crumply tummy....don't even go there...just look UP!!!!

Cooler days ahead, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to drink some water. I like ice in mine. Any excuse to stand in front of the open freezer door!

trek said...

No, we shall not speak of those things.

Great job there, Sheep. I'm down with a foot thing - tell you about it later. Poop.