Monday, July 31, 2006

It's That Time Again.

The end of July. School will start soon. The bulk of summer vacation is now behind The Sheep and she must prepare herself for the task she spends June and July banishing from all brain whorls and creases. No neural activity whatsoever goes into this endeavor. None. It is a little "to-do" item that causes such angst, tears and vile language that it must be carefully worked into the schedule in order that no children, frail elders or nuns are possibly going to be wandering into the vicinity.

It is the taking out of the grown-up clothes. And seeing what still fits. If anything.

I spend my summer in loose fitting shorts, floppy sandals and t-shirts. I'll recycle the comfiest of these garments as needed in order to ensure that no piece of fabric is actually touching my skin at any given time. This type of dressing lends itself to losing perspective of one's body image. There is some "skewing..."

I have made every attempt to keep up the work-out schedule this summer...honest. But it's been tough. The heat has really made it difficult to commit, you know? When you are already sweating buckets and have managed to become literally adhered to the couch by the backs of your now-lumpy thighs it is statistically likely that you are not going to want to wriggle into work-out garb so that you can now be adhered to an exercise ball. I've pretty much only managed to hit the bike and weights twice a week on any given week since school let out in June.

The Great Clothing Trial of '06 may not go very well. Wherever you may be on this great blue marble as you read this, prepare yourself. You will hear my screams of horror and dismay regardless of distance. Seriously...I haven't worn anything that has an actual "waistband" or required "tucking" in forty-one days. Pray for me.

On a happier note, I was able to upload an actual, real, live photo tonight. It took more time than than it took Leonardo to crank out Mona Lisa, but it's there for your viewing pleasure!

Spinning Finn takes your mind off the expanding waistline!!!
I'm resisting the urge to just ply up the smaller amounts. I've got 8 more ounces winging it's way to me as I type so it's it makes far more sense to just fill up the bobbin and ply when I have the singles all done.
Color and The Sheep have an odd relationship. When I throw caution to the wind and choose a color that is well outside my comfort zone, I generally end up happier than if I went with the more conservative choice. This hand-dyed is an example of that premise. The picture really doesn't do it justice and I'll keep working on a better shot. It's much so that my only complaint is that I want to stop spinning periodically to go get me a creamsicle!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again: You rock, Sheila!!!!!
Of course I can't have a creamsicle. No matter what the Finn is telling me. The Finn doesn't understand that I have to fit into grown-up pants soon.
Must. Eat. Celery!


Knittymama said...

Oh, I've got the same problem right now! I had both boys in the spring, and while the weight is coming off again, it is going much slower this time and my teacher clothes still don't fit. At least I'm only part time so I don't need as many outfits, but still,I'm going to have to resort to sit ups soon, I think!

Tygher Knits said...

That's exactly why I'm doing Weight Watchers .. because my waist expanded well beyond my comfort zone!!

That handspun is lovely .. I'm so jealous .. you have a wheel!!

Sheila said...

You're making me blush, Sheep!
Good Luck with the fittings. If I ever had to get into my scrubs again, well, all I can say is it's a good thing I wore mine nice and baggy back when I last worked. Even so, I'm sure I'd have to go shopping.
You're spinning looks so perfect. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm more of a "textured spinner".
This summer has passed all too quickly, hasn't it?

trek said...

I always laugh at your posts, Sheep! I hate the idea of trying on clothes, too.

veggies,yarns & tails said...

More veggies, less're gonna make it after all!!! Still got August to slim down if absolutely necessary, I bet the sweating through this sultry summer is helping more than you think though. DOn't sweat the clothes too much Sheep, there are more fun things to think about.

Have a great day, G

Teri S. said...

You lucky thing you...floppy clothes all summer long. I have to dress in something resembling adult clothes, a drawback to working for a large consulting corporation. But I do have some looser fitting dresses that are appropriate enough. But like you, I'm afraid to start putting on my fall clothes; I suspect my waistline has increased a bit.

Good luck with the insect invasion, the quilt, etc., etc., and so forth. You've been a busy Sheep these last several days.