Saturday, July 29, 2006

Grumpy...Very Grumpy!

I, the Grumpy Sheep, do acknowlege the following:

I made the choice to live at the beach.

I made this choice knowing full well that others in the world might want to use this beach.

Sometimes people walk.

Walking people will take up space and I need to allow for that when driving. Its a "physics" thing.

While I may be willing to accept this information, it did little to calm my rising temper as I attempted to make a quick grocery store run this morning. Don't get me wrong; I'm tickled pink, pleased as punch, happy as a clam and giddy as a school girl to know that others find my little corner of the country a nice place to visit. I embrace the tourist industry. You improve my tax base. Come on over, spend your dollars and marvel at the splendor that is the Maine coast.

Today, however, might have been a good day to give me a little space.

The pedestrians were just not giving an inch. I'm bigger, I'm comprised of more mass what with being in a large metal vehicle and all. Work with me, here. I'm not suggesting that you don't belong...just that you acknowlege my presence. Strolling nonchalantly across a busy thoroughfare as if it were a deserted field is not demonstrating said acknowlegement. I don't ask for much. Pick up the pace. I'll even accept the "bounce walk." You know what I mean: the thing where you run in slow motion but are not actually moving any faster than you were when you were strolling. If nothing else, by the sheer distance you move vertically vs. horizontally, you are showing me that you are making an effort. It's all I ask.

My mood is, I'm sure, due to the heat, the fact that I was up at the crack of dawn disposing of a defunct hornets nest, the heat, sealing my screens and...have I mentioned the heat? It's hot. Really hot. I'm just not designed for this.

I did manage some progress on a couple of projects today. I put together a few more blocks for The Quilt Of Anxiety and stitched several together just for snorts and giggles. This'll never end up in the Smithsonian or anything, but it's not looking too bad, if I do say so myself. Of course, the humidity has fogged my glasses somewhat so who knows what havoc I have actually wrought.

I then put in some wheel time and spun up over half of the Finn. I'm loving it so much that I had to take a little break from my bug killing duties to order some more. When one has spent the last month or so in full-out war one feels justified in indulging one's self. I'm also eating alot of chocolate at this point...

Photos were planned for this post but it seems that the internet is broken today. We'll try again tomorrow. The cats have been striking some truly awesome poses of late; stances which are probably inspired by their attempts at removing their flea treatment but are blog worthy all the same.

Must dash. I'm personally visiting the homes of all our town council members with my suggestion for warp speed conveyor belts at all cross walks. Wish me luck!



trek said...

Aw, Sheep! I wish you luck trying to visit the council members' houses. If you can avoid the tourists long enough. Can I tell you that we have a racetrack very near us (horses) and some days we cannot (literally) leave our driveway due to the dumb traffic cop mis-managing traffic at a nearby intersection? And we don't even get any revenue from the track: it is in the next town east.

Kate said...

See we live in Maine and Minnesota because we are not made for 95 degrees. If we wanted to live someplace this hot, we'd live in Arizona. Where the bugs are poisonous and don't go away in the winter. I'm with you. I am hating this hot weather. I haven't left the house today except to walk out to the grill to cook dinner. On the plus side, there are absolutely no tourists in my town. Ever. There is just nothing of interest to bring them here. Strolling tourists would drive me nuts.

Julie said...

warp speed conveyor belts at all cross walks - I like it. I think I'll suggest the same for my little tourist town. Doesn't it sometimes seem that they think just because they are on vacation that we all should slow down.

Sheila said...

I avoid going into town during tourist season for that very reason. Luckliy, I have everything I need to survive out here in suburbia. I do miss the shopping, museums and restaurants, but as soon as school starts back, up life beyong the 'burbs resumes. The conveyor belt idea is pure genius, Sheep. If it works, your town could becme a model for all tourist hot-spots wishing to tame their slow-speed visitors.
I'm glad you're enjoying the Finn.

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Good luck with moving those pedestrians Sheep...I don't think you are going to make much progress, especially with heat wave there, in full swing!!! The 'bounce walk' I love it, I have seen it many (too) many times and you are correct, at least gives the illusion of TRYING.

You are toooooooooooo funny!!!! Thanks for a real help me through the day.

Sending you a cool breeze...Geraldine