Thursday, July 06, 2006

FOs And Shortcakes And Cats...Oh My!

When The Sheep was just a wee, little lambie she dreamed of a life filled with roses and rainbows. Well, that might be something of an any rate, it is unlikely that she got all giddy at the thought of a future filled with cat poop.

And yet it seems that this is to be my lot in life. First, I get one leaving deposits on the kitchen counter.

Oh, for crying out loud! Let it go already...the rest of us have somehow managed to move on.
Now I have to spend my days comforting the other one, a constipated creature, and administering various forms of poop liquefiers in order that she might get past this somewhat indelicate condition. Sheesh!!!
Somehow, though, I have managed to carve out a couple of minutes to knock out the last few rows of the Jaywalkers. They've been kitchenered, end-woven, modeled for the uninterested felines and are ready for their blog debut:

It was a long walk for the Jaywalkers...but they've reached the finish line!!

Whew! I thought I'd never get those off the needles. I really like the solid yarn with this pattern. I tend to wear more of the plain socks than the stripey variety but love to see more than plain stockinette. The KnitPicks Essential worked well, but was a tiny bit "splitty." Otherwise, I'd say it was a pretty good and economical choice. I'd do 'em again!

Needing strength from my nursing and knitting duties, I decided that a little snack might be in order. Feast your eyes (since I'm the one who got to feast my tummy) on The Sheep's fresh strawberry shortcake with grated dark chocolate:

What more can I say? Oh, I know!

"Seconds, please!!!!"



Emma said...

The Jaywalkers look great in a solid color. It's always fun to make outrageous stripe-y socks, but I too am more likely to wear plainer colors.

The strawberry shortcake looks yummy!

Sheila said...

Oohh, that strawberry shortcake looks fabulous...I want!
The Jaywalkers look pretty good, too. I feel as if I'm the only knitter who hasn't made a pair. Congrats on the FO.

Anonymous said...

YUMMY! Both the shortcake and the socks.

Julie said...

Yummy, yummy - all I can think of since you went strawberry picking is strawberry shortcake and now you've gone and posted a picture!!!! I can no longer avoid it - I must have some strawberry shortcake tonight! Did you end up making your own biscuits?

The Jaywalkers look really nice in a solid color. I haven't Jaywalked yet, but plan to eventually.

Hope the kitty poop situation gets better soon :-)