Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday...And Sun!!!

Yesterday's poop 'n pineapple debacle had The Sheep a bit concerned about the overall "tone" of the upcoming weekend. I mean, it an omen of things to come or a "nowhere to go but up" sort of situation?

I needn't have worried. Things began looking up early on. I was in dire need of a replacement pizza to take the slot vacated by the pineapple variety unceremoniously tossed into the trash after one tasting. I hit a small local grocery store despite the influx of tourists and was rewarded with a sighting of my favorite species. That's right...a fireman! (not there for fire-related issues, just out running a few errands.) He was even in the little truck!

What can I say? Fireman make me giddy. I'm reasonably sure that, if ever in an emergency situation, I would make a terrible damsel in distress. I would be more likely to go all femi-nazi and demand that I be allowed to put out the fire, save the kittens and determine the cause of the conflagration all on my own. But perhaps, deep down, I do have some sort of "rescue fetish." I'm not going to examine it too closely. Just happy to see a fireman is all...(insert girlish giggle here.)

Nice, normal and as-God-intended-it pepperoni pie in hand, I returned to the casa de Sheep and got the wee little skeins of corriedale hanging in the sun to finish drying. For the record there, yes...I did say, "sun!" I almost didn't recognize the big yellow orb of warmth.

In order that she might make up for yesterday's "counter deposit" Desdemona volunteered to guard the yarn.

And the finished skein, complete with stray cat hairs.

That little task out of the way, I needed to decide on my next spinning extravaganza. I had originally thought that I might attempt the cotton sliver from The Woolery. But then I heard another little voice a-callin' to me. Who could it be? Is there another vying for my attention? it the fireman???

It's none other than the Plum Silk!!!

Yes, the silk dyed during the flooding that kept me from my beloved students during the storms of May ended up being the fiber du jour. I've decided to use this as a test of my ability to spin wicked fine. I don't know if this is going to be actual lace-weight, but we're going to give it a shot. Either way, what can you possibly do to screw up silk? Even the most awkwardly spun silk generally looks pretty good. That said, I will probably be the first to violate this self-written law of spinning and end up with the worst yarn ever produced. It wouldn't be the first time I've forged confidently ahead only to have to go on-line and hang my Sheepie head whilst confessing my inability to actually do what I said I could. We tempt the knitting fates knowing that they might throw a spanner in the works!

And now it seems that the rain, which couldn't possibly stay away for one full day, has decided to fall with fairly impressive force. I've also just heard a bit of a "rumble" that might indicate a need to remove myself from electronic devices such as computers. Unless I'd like naturally curly hair and smoke pouring from my ears, that is. So I will sign off for now and let the blogging community-at-large simply sit on pins and needles until I can post again.

Stay tuned!!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad things have taken a turn for the better.
The yarn and the plum silk, can I say that again, SILK are beautiful! Why is Desdemona not laying in that basket???
I must confess to having eaten and liked ham and pineapple thin crust pizza at Pizza Hut. Sorry.

trek said...

Pepperoni, good.
Pineapple, bad.

Glad things are looking up there, Sheep.

Sheila said...

Your Corriedale yarn looks fanatstic. Do you have plans for it. How many yards did you end up with?
I'm enjoying a day of rare rain down here...quite different from your weather!

Teri S. said...

Your weekend, despite the poop-n-pineapple debacle, is going way better than mine. No fibery pursuits for me this weekend. Instead, it's work. Like work from the office. So, as I struggle through answering proposal questions, I'll keep the vision of your plum silk in mind and perhaps that will take some of the sting out. Either that, or it will make me throw the proposal out the window and grab my merino/silk roving and start spinning...

Have a Happy 4th!

Geraldine said...

And a fine job your lovely kitty appears to be doing, as guard of the yarn! The Mitz also replied, re: yesterday's antics. Thanks for stopping by Veggies...I am adding you to my blogroll now too, great blog.