Sunday, July 30, 2006

Someone Called Me An Idiot Today.

I know I'm not an idiot...I've hung out with me for years now and I've seen evidence of my intelligence on a daily basis. However, when you inadvertently cut someone off in the parking lot of a shopping center they don't have much history to go on and have to make a judgment call based on what they're seeing in the moment. I'll own it...its not like I haven't been questioning my level of heat-induced brain melt of late.

Take the Muff-Along situation. Having noted that a couple of other folks had already cranked out at least one muff and were happily looking ahead at a veritable avalanche of muffs to be made for holiday gifts and such, I decided that I'd better get a-crackin' on this. I dug through the stash for suitable yarns but was stumped by my lack of appropriately sized circs upon which to create the muff-to-end-all-muffs. I figured that dpns would work just as well. And they might have...if I'd actually taken a second to look at the size. I knit pretty loosely and almost always hit gauge if I just drop one needle size. But these were well below what was going to work comfortably. Still, I figured that this would simply make a denser fabric and that is a good thing in a muff, right?

Knitting on the dpns was becoming painful after a few rows, though and I was getting ready to just frog the whole thing when a somewhat obvious solution presented itself. That little "epiphany voice" piped up with, "You know...if socks can soar on circular needles, why couldn't a muff?" I'd been perusing that tome with the idea that this might be a better way for my clicking wrists to more comfortably knit socks so this probably should have occurred to me sooner. I moved the whole thing over to two circular needles, took a minute to bang my head on the wall repeatedly as penance for my failure to catch on to this sooner and the muff is progressing nicely. Later tonight I will be drafting a letter to the Vatican strongly suggesting that Cat Bordhi be considered for sainthood in the immediate future. We'll see how that goes. I'm not actually Catholic or anything so the Pope may "back-burner" this one for a while.

My last less than brilliant moment was a tad more serious. As I was posting last night's entry, I noticed that I had begun to sweat rather profusely. Not the kind of perspiration that you can call a "glow" and pretend you're just the epitome of the southern belle...this was just a good, old fashioned soaking. I found it odd that my skin could be so cold and clammy while I was so obviously overheated. In addition, my pulse rate seemed a bit high, but that isn't really unusual for me. The stomach cramping was noteworthy, though.

If someone else had mentioned these symptoms to me I would have quickly responded with, "Why, you silly goose, you are suffering from heat exhaustion. The temperature in your living room has been holding at 93 degrees for two days straight now. You might want to start pushing some fluids there!" Of course, self-diagnosis is never quite so easy and it was at least forty minutes before I punched my ticket on the clue train and started to rehydrate, put pressure on the crampy spots and check my temperature. Fortunately, I caught it before we moved on to anything more serious and a nice, cool bath did wonders for my disposition! I'm even feeling more kindly towards the tourists that were so irritating me yesterday!

Still no photos available. My ISP is running as slow as molasses these days and this isn't conducive to uploading. Hopefully things will improve in the next few days and muff progress can be duly documented.

Off to enjoy the bliss of cooler temps and two workin' circs!



Knittymama said...

I had the same thing happen yesterday. Drank tons of coffee in the morning, no water, then couldn't figure out why in the afternoon my heart was beating so fast and I felt all sick to my stomach, duh! I drank a bunch of water an relaxed and felt much better later on. Figure it's a good excuse to avoid all house cleaning!

trek said...

We were at an aquarium today and all four of us there were seriously fluid depleted by the time the seal show ended: 20 minutes in dfirect sunlight in a stadium seating concrete mini-ampitheater.

Hope you are rehydrating! We are still working on it.

Anonymous said...

Keep drinking the fluids! The real heat is coming later this week.


Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Yeah, I can relate...heat,heat go away....glad you are feeling better Sheep. And you are certainly NOT an idiot!!! Far from it. All your talents including your brilliant comedic (sp?) flare....Everyone's crabb(ier) these days, that's what Im chalking all the bitchiness up to. People like to say they love the heat but they often don't take into account how they are really feeling. Here's to a cooler day soon. G

Mia said...

Um.. maybe you ought to putt that puff away and work on it strictly in air conditioned areas ::laughing:: can't wait to see it!