Tuesday, July 11, 2006

She Said, She Said...

Inside the mind of The Sheep there is an ongoing debate between her rational mind and her hysterical mind as they interpret the status of Monday's TB test site:

Oh, my God! It's purple!!!!

It's fine.

No!! It's purple! It's not supposed to be purple!!!!

Don't you remember? We had a little bleeding after the injection. It's just a little bit of pooled blood under the skin. No worse than a bruise.

Bleeding??? Bleeding!!! Bleeding is bad!

Not necessarily. You can't bleed if you're dead. This means we are alive. Yay us.

But that means that all the stuff came out...the stuff's not supposed to come out!

Well, I'll give you that one. But, can you recall a time when we didn't have some seepage after a TB test? It happens every time. Worse case scenario we wait a bit then have it redone. No biggie.

I can't go through it again...I just can't!!!

Relax. There's no blistering, no bump, just smooth purple skin. We're fine. Let's go knit something.

I'm going to poke it.

Leave it alone.

No, this could be useful data. We'll call it a "clinical trial" and...



Leave it alone!!!!!!



I poked it.

Feel better?

Not really. The data is inconclusive. I'm gonna wait five minutes then poke it again.

Seems logical.

Meanwhile, lets just stare at it and see if it does anything.

Okey dokey.

Now this took up more of my day than I'd care to admit, but there were breaks in the drama. I got a new toy with which to distract my brain:

It's a mini lucet!!
I took this photo right after the whole project took a turn for the worse and I completely lost track of what I was doing. But you get the idea. I think it is safe to say that you won't be seeing The Sheep at your local Renaissance Faire cranking out cord olde school style any time soon. However I have to say that it is remarkably simple to make a length of cord in a fairly short time. And if you can live with certain, um "imperfections" then it can be quite satisfying.
Tomorrow I will head back out to see Dr. Judy and find out whether I need to redo the whole TB testing. Here's hoping that I can avoid that. I'd almost rather have consumption than listen to the voices in my head for another day.
The rational one is winning but is, by far, the more boring of the two.


Teri S. said...

Too funny! But hopefully all the stuff didn't come out and you won't have to get poked by a nurse with a needle again. My rational mind mostly doesn't say anything; the hysterical mind does all the talking in times of stress.

trek said...

I just knew you were going to poke it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when the voices in your head disagree.
Maybe Dr Judy can poke you in the other arm? Do you think if she pokes you enough you'll get TB?

Julie said...

Nice new toy you have (the lucet, not the TB spot you've been playing with).

debsnm said...

OMG! You can thank Samurai that I found you - and now I know there are others out there - I always suspected that I was not the only one with voices and the attention span of . . . . and you have kitties, too! I'm extremely happy! :D

camadsmom said...

When will you be sure that its not TB

Leave her alone it is just fine. Don't worry her.

But I wanted to invite her to see camad. If its all pouring out then what do we do.

Go ahead and invite her its no big deal. The girls will be completely safe.

But would if they become infected? How long is it an issue. Will this effect our vacation?

The girls are not going to catch it. And what about Sheep are you not worried about her?

Oh ya! What about her? If she has it does that mean we are going to have to check on her more regularly. Will we need to actually go to her home and see if she answers the door?

She will be fine. An extra phone call from time to time might be important. Some home made gifts from the girls would be in order, but she will be fine.

Ok I can except that

Good now chill out and get us a small dish of ice cream

Sheila said...

I think the rational voice enjoyed the poking, too. Notice how complacent it got once the poking began?
Sorry you're having to go through the TB scare...as a nurse I've been through it more than a few times...luckily all good outcomes, but never fun!

laurie in maine said...

I was reading right along with a perfectly straight face until hysterical mind decided to "poke it again" lol :)

To voices in my head: "SHUT UP!"

Dave Daniels said...

My partner went through the exact same scenario last week! Luckily, he's fine. (I guess it's supposed to be bumpy and pink and irritated.)
LOVE you Finniwig lucet. I've been debating on getting one. I have a couple already, and enjoy cranking out a quick cord once in a while. It's all about the tension. (Easier said than done, yes.)