Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pretend Its 8:00 a.m.

The Sheep has just completed a lengthy and detailed explanation with regard to the sensitive spots at her gumline that she would like the hygenist to not poke, prod or otherwise anger. An agreement appears to have been reached. 7 pokey things, 1 sucky thing and four fingers have just been crammed into the Sheep's mouth.

Cute Little Hygenist: So, anyway, like I was 'n my husband drove all the way to Minnesota to see this concert and he's all, "I don't know why you won't drive," and I'm all "I'm sleeping here," and he's like all mad and stuff but I told him I don't drive in the hard parts but he's just not getting it...

Sheepish Annie: Grrple snick fart (translation: you are coming dangerously close to the sore part)

CLH: I insensitive can a guy be? So, like, the concert was totally awesome and it was so totally worth getting all mad and stuff. Like we sort of forgot it, you know? I mean, what kind of music isn't wicked awesome live, right? Well, I mean, I guess there's some music that sucks no matter what..

SA: Greep, tuffle snark!! (translation: no, seriously...that's the spot! Have a care now Little Hygenist!)

CLH: So I suppose people tell you all the time that you look just like Sharon Rose, right? I mean, when I saw you I thought to myself, "wow...that lady looks just like Sharon Rose!" I'll bet you get that all the time...

SA: Farkwat, Farkwat Farkwat!!!!! (translation: yeah, sometimes I do get that...oh my god!!! That's the sore spot!!!)

CLH: Just let me know if I get near that tender spot. Wouldn't want to hit that, now would we?

SA: Faffuh geet. (translation: Just what you'd think The Sheep is saying at this point.)

Aside from that, however, this wasn't as bad as it could have been. Contact with Dr. DeSade, DMD was minimal given my cavity-free state. His only cutting comment was to the Cute Little Hygenist regarding her car. It seemed appropriate to him to tell the her that her car was crap and that she should buy American. Despite the hygenist's tendency to chatter, I am very loyal to her and was horrified on her behalf. If not for her, I would be taking penicillin before each visit despite being somewhat allergic to it. (Dr. DeSade was thinking deep thoughts or something when I mentioned it...) She also had the good sense to gasp quietly when he began a sentence with the words, "at your age..." during my first visit. She actually saved both our lives that day...
It is with great relief that I report I will not be needing to visit with the good dentist for another six months. I'll update the sidebar so that we can all keep track and obsess over it for half a year, 'kay?

Sadly, my appointment at the mechanic did not go as smoothly. I need some brake work done and the car is "uninspectable." I would be grateful for this information had I not been there to actually have the truck repaired rather than to get helpful suggestions with regard to what I should be doing. Mr. mechanic man did not understand that he was being "authorized" to do the repairs and simply did the oil and filter changes. So, I get to go back again...and my truck still squeals and hums. Yippee.

In the world of crafty goodness, there has been little progress. I was a bit busy during the morning hours and needed a nap by the afternoon. (The Sheep slept poorly last night for some reason...its a mystery) I've made headway cutting squares for the nine-patch blocks with which I will be creating The Quilt Of Anxiety. I knit a bit but it was sorta hot today so that didn't appeal for very long. Maybe when things cool down a bit this evening I'll be able to finish up the front to the Puke Green Boogie Vest.

I've got some more time now that I'm not flossing 6-7 hours per day in preparation for a dental visit.



trek said...

I made dental appointments for all of the residents of chez trek today. When I told Number Guy that his is in September ('cause he needed a Saturday appointment), he said, "Oh, good. That gives me a few weeks of flossing before I have to go."

Good luck with the truck there.

Sheila said...

Oh good, your flossing is paying off!
I had a southern accent going for the Dental hygeinist as I read, then I remembered that you're not in Texas, but the southern drawl persisted.
Hope it cools off for you soon!

Beth said...

Reading your posts always makes me laugh. Glad the dental appointment went better than expected.

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Hope your dental nightmares are behind you for a LONG while Sheep!

Great post, as usual. G

Teri S. said...

I know it wasn't funny at the time, but your description of the visit to Dr. DeSade DMD is hysterically funny. And do share more details about the Quilt of Anxiety. The blocks of my nine-patch quilt were banished to the attic years ago. Good luck with it!

Cathy said...

I went from a relatively silent male hygetc who didn't rinse me as often as I needed to a very chatty, hyper rinsing hygetc. I can't figure out if she thought I was interested in her dating a much younger man or if she had nothing better not to say. Now if I could just combine the 2 before my fall appt... I'll be in my lab if you need me...