Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Family Fun

When we consider the larger gene pool in which we swim, it is fair to say that my immediate family is pretty normal. Really. Why, what did you hear????

Anyway, we still have our moments. Consider this little gem of a discussion, held after the Independence Day cook-out/eat-in-due-to-weather event. It included The Sheep, Daddy Sheep and Mommy Sheep.

Mommy Sheep: Whoops! Forgot to take my TB medicine. (leaps from chair and races to the kitchen where she retrieves a daily pill minder roughly the size of The Encyclopedia Britannica)

Sheepish Annie: ???????

Daddy Sheep: Can you believe that her insurance co-pays are lower than mine?

SA: I'm sorry, did she just say, "TB?" As in tuberculosis...that TB?"

MS: (resettling in her chair) Yes, dear. You know how it is.

SA: No, perhaps a bit more explanation would be helpful here.

DS: I mean, I don't wish her ill-health or anything. But why should she be paying less when she takes more pills than I do? Where's the logic in that?

MS: It looks like I have a dormant strain of TB that might be woken up by another medication...it suppresses my immunity. It's all just a precaution...I think.

DS: See what I mean? She takes alot of pills.

SA: This could be sort of useful information to have, here. I'm on a bit of a "TB watch" right now according to Dr. Judy and I think that she might want to know about this.

MS: Oh, it's nothing...just a precaution.

DS: I should call the insurance company...

SA: Besides, if you have TB, shouldn't you be living in some sort of sanitarium or something?

DS: They don't do that anymore...there's a pill. Your mother takes it. Does anyone know where my insurance card is?

SA: Well, at the very least I think you have to move to a drafty garret, wear shoddy black garments and write angst-filled poetry that will not be truly appreciated until long after your death. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

MS: You are so funny, dear!

SA: Let's focus here, people! Do you or do you not have TB???

MS: I dunno.

DS: Probably.

SA: .... (sinks lower in her chair and mumbles something about having been adopted.)

I love my family. Whether they have TB or not. And I'm honestly still not sure. Happily, there is something else upon which to focus at this point.

I just received a lovely, silky Finn roving from Sheila at Ewenique Fiber! And the speed of shipping? I was barely offline before it was being slipped into my mailbox! I think we may have a winner for the next fiber to make it to the wheel. Thanks, Sheila...you rock! Pictures to follow...Blogger just ate the last one! Honest...it was there just a second ago!

A happy and safe Fourth of July to my American readers and the same sentiments to those from "away" only for your Tuesday activities.

Happy and Safe are good things on any day...oh, and being TB free. That is good, too.



trek said...

Sadly, we here can empathize.

laurie in maine said...

Perhaps an update of your bio then: Will someday retire to drafty garret, wear shoddy black garments and write angst-filled poetry with a hundred cats and be known as the crazy contagious spinning cat lady?

And I will have no pictures to blog as card was left in the printer/card reader slot. So, of course we see a mother deer crossing the road with 2 still spotted babies.

Anonymous said...

Yes. We've got a bit of that same family stuff here. My father takes 15 pills a day and when asked what "X" one is for he says he isn't sure...

camadsmom said...

I still want Mom Sheep and Dad Sheep to adopt me in spite of the TB. They buy you good stuff.

Mia said...

I loved laurie in maine's post.. can't top that *grin*

mrichme said...


Sorry to hear that your family has kept this secret from you. I imagine Brother Sheep was rolling through this discussion. These table discussions could be the basis for the next great TV sitcom!