Monday, July 17, 2006

There Are Levels Of "Stupid."

For example, there is the "oh deary me, I seem to have misplaced my glasses" kind of stupid. That rates fairly low unless, of course you need to pick up dropped stitches or do brain surgery. Then it sort of moves up in the rankings. There's the "golly officer, I didn't mean to go so fast but I was rushing to the DMV to renew my license that expired a year ago" kind of stupid. That's pretty big.

I think I can top it, though.

Allow me to present the "of course I'd be willing to undertake a task of epic proportions involving data bases and spreadsheets and the creation of mailing lists" level of stupid-hood. Somehow during Friday's meeting at job #2 I lost any sense of reality and the limits of the human body to produce paperwork. I volunteered to assist with the creation of a new client database and coordinate a service satisfaction survey. I honestly don't know what happened. One minute I was dozing and watching the clock and the next I was having some sort of "out of body moment" and watching myself as I bellowed, "hey, I have an idea!!!"

This was supposed to be a summer of rest. This was supposed to be the first summer in I-don't-know-how-long that I indulged my crafty side to my little heart's content. Visions of FO's were literally dancing within my noggin. Nothing was going to get in my way...I declined every request to come into the office...I turned down cakewalk cases that would have paid me for doing almost nothing...I was going to do this vacation in the manner of my dreams. What happened???????

I was out the door and in the office by 9:00 this morning where I promptly managed to get into a lengthy chat-fest with my boss on topics having absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. Having decided that I would only put in two or three hours per day for this week, this put me somewhat off schedule. I suspect that I will be working on this project a tad longer than I'd projected in my "see the Sheep make a bid to impress the home office" induced burst of volunteerism.

And this is Social Work. It would be more profitable if they paid me in cheese and shiny beads.

What was I thinking?



Teri S. said...

That sounds too hard for summer, and I work in the software biz. But, there might be an upside. Have you considered getting them to pay you in fleece and yarn instead?

trek said...

Maybe they could add some cheesey beads to your pay envelope?

Oh, and of course sock yarn!

camadsmom said...

You are a good harted soul. If you need any help contact CamMad's Dad. I volunteer him.

Diana said...

Why can't we learn to say "NO!" I want to be a lazy slug....

Mia said...

::cracking up:: hey, being paid off in cheese and shiny beads doesn't sound too bad!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate when your mouth works before your brain. Good Luck with this "little" project.

Kate said...

Could you get them to pay you in yarn? Sounds better than cheese and beads.

Veggies,Yarns& Tails said...

Wow, that's a nap gone bad....lesson learned though, right??? So, dont be too hard on yourself. We all say and commit to things that we truly regret. But you won't repeat this one again, and that's the main thing....Then you can give yourself a pat on the head, not a boot somewhere else.

Huggs, G