Sunday, July 02, 2006

Simple Misdirection

Sometimes The Sheep just needs to distract herself long enough to let her fleeting obsessions pass. The vast array of potential hobbies out there can be dazzling and it is sometimes hard to resist pulling out the old credit card and indulging in a new pastime.

Case in point: Weaving. A few posts ago I received a couple of comments on the small loom visible in the background of a photo. Annie was quick to recognize this little item as a vintage child's weaving loom made by the good folks at Spear. This handy tool has probably saved me thousands of dollars.

You see, I get hit by the weaving bug on a somewhat regular basis. It's probably a natural development in the progression from knitting to spinning to all things fibery. This urge becomes so strong that I can think of nothing else. I must!!! I begin to believe that I am actually a reincarnated weaver from days of old (like the 60's or something) and that this is my true calling. In fact, I should probably cast off the shackles of modern life, quit my day to day workaholic existence, buy a small farm, milk goats, grow my own vegetables, let my leg hairs grow and blow in the get the idea. It is at this point that I start buying granola in bulk and looking at every rigid heddle loom currently on the market. It could be worse, I least I'm not thinking of large floor models.

It is with what little strength of character I have left that I pull out the Spear's loom, warp 'er up and begin to weave. After six inches or so sanity returns. I remember that I have a brown thumb at best and that life without a good cable connection would not be a life worth living. And goats sort of freak me out...those eyes!!! (brrr...)

It's still sort of fun, though. I do enjoy the small projects I do on the little loom and probably will, one day, cave in to my desires and purchase the Kromski I so desire. Until then, I must be satisfied with my soon-to-be-handwoven belt.

Well..."soon" might be something of an overstatement.
Despite the ungodly humid conditions in the Northeast today, I did manage to get in a little spinning. Be warned: when one attempts to spin silk with two fans running one can expect to be chasing little wisps of fiber about the living room and vacuuming is a certainty.

Some of it even made it on the bobbin...

Perhaps tonight things will cool down a bit and I can function with just one fan. Here's hoping! I need to be fully rested for tomorrow's marathon strawberry picking event with my mom. Love the berries...the actual picking is not on my list of favorite things. It'll be worth it, though. I'm breaking out Aunt Millie's most excellent biscuit recipe and I see a shortcake in my future.

And there will be no redirection from that goal, I assure you.



Sheila said...

What a great little loom...and you didn't have to pound 500+ nails into it! Maybe I need one of those instead of trying to make a 6' triangular one. You can check my blog later for an update on the nail pounding, I mean loom making. What was I thinking?!

Teri S. said...

The silk looks very yummy. I do have a floor loom, acquired at about the same time I acquired my spinning wheel (oh, about 20 years ago or so. Yikes!). The same warp has been on it since...umm...while I was still in my apartment...ummm...before I bought my first house...before I was married. We shall not say how long it's been. Too long. I say, keep the small loom.

Annie said...

I had mu Spears loom for Christmas when I was about 5 or 6 - I think my mum got more use out of it than I did to start with, it was too fiddly to set up for my little fingers. Eventually my teddy bear became the recipient of *lovely* woven capes!

Anonymous said...

I just picked this book up at the library.
It must be something in the air. It's a really nice book. Has instructions to make your own PVC loom.
YUM. Stawberries! I always look at fruit picking on kind of a difficulty scale. I'd rather pick strawberries than blueberries or raspberries but apples are easier than strawberries. I've always thought I'd like picking my own watermelon.

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Weaving is so cool!! Ive only tried it a couple of times and on a small loom but I can see how this can be addictive. Much like knitting and blogging LOL....

Happy 4th and BFN, G