Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The battle continues. There was a lull in the Great Bug War of aught-6 following the installation of the sonic bug annoyer which puts out sounds at a frequency that makes the little creepies and crawlies flee into the night. But they are crafty. They are wily. They bide their time. Who knew that they would stoop to using their own children?

I honored my treaty with the spiders. The deal was: stay on the ceiling and live your creepy, disgusting, little lives. It's just too much of an effort for me to reach up there. Come down to my level and all bets are off. It's been an uneasy, but workable, peace accord for many years. Recently, however, the spiders seem to have aligned with the ants and there is no stopping them in their unity. The baby spiders are everywhere. I've killed two of the little buggers today. The first was on the window sill. The second was discovered after it bit me!!!! That's just uncalled for. I've had it. The war is back on and I'm taking no prisoners.

And part of my battle strategy is to live my life. They will not alter my patterns. I am determined to live as a normal human being, not a war zone resident. And with the recent drop in temperature, I was able to resume knitting. Amy's project is nearing completion and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. This has taken an ungodly long time for such a simple knit. Once I obtained the yarn I still managed to put the whole thing off for a month. I honestly didn't care for the original garment she asked me to copy and that may have had something to do with it. Truth be told, though, I think I was more intimidated by the prospect of Amy finding fault with the finished product. She's sorta "particular..."

There has also been some weaving on the sock yarn belt and I have cranked out approximately 5000 miles of cord on the new lucet. For all that, though, I have but one FO to share:

Meet Mr. Mistakey, the knitting tote.
Mr. Mistakey really isn't as lopsided as he appears in the photo. That's about all I got right. The bottom never really did fit well onto the body of the bag despite my diligently clipping the corners. And there is a spot near the top where the lining didn't catch while being sewn in so there's a little triangle thingie sticking out by one of he handles. There is really no excuse for that except that it was reeeeeeeeeeeeally hot and I was so close to the end that I didn't use the care I should have. I have spent the last day or so coming up with creative and imaginative ways to carry this bag that will help to disguise the "imperfections." Thus far, the best pose seems to involve a somewhat hunched posture and hopping on my right foot.
I'm still working on it. In between spider raids, at any rate.


Julie said...

That's not a mistake. It's A Unique Design Element.

Works for me.

camadsmom said...

I like the bag. Good work. Good Luck with the raid on the Arachnida

Wendy said...

I freak out at the site of spiders! Or anything that crawls. I usually vacuum them up.

The bag looks great! I was just thinking I wish I had a sewing machine.

trek said...

Sending you some virtual Raid!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the fight.
Your bag is really nice. I look forward to seeing the mystery project.

Beth said...

The tote looks great!

Annie said...

Very few spiders round here, thank God but plenty of ants.
Your bag looks great and I couldn't spot any mistakes - they must be a lot less obvious than you think

Kate said...

When people wonder why you live north of 45 degrees latitude, this is why. The bugs die in winter. I can't find the spiders, only the cobwebs. I keep looking up and finding the webs. My house looks like the Adams family lives here. You vs. the spiders? Smart money is on you Annie!

The Purloined Letter said...

Maybe you see a mistake, but this is really a great bag! You will get lots of compliments.