Sunday, July 09, 2006


I had hoped that by posting a bit later in the day I might increase my chances of having an FO or even a mildly impressive WIP to share with my ten loyal readers. I've pretty much given up on that goal at this juncture. It's just not working out.

I headed out to the pharmacy today bright and early. In my sweet, but naive, little way I assumed that no one would think to have their scrip. refilled on a Sunday. I anticipated little in the way of waiting. The line running from the pharmacy counter all the way back to the photo drop-off did not bode well, but I opted to assume that there was another cause for this many grumpy looking folk hanging out at the local drug store on a sunny weekend. Perhaps Zamphyr, Master Of The Pan Flute, had arrived for an impromptu concert...rock on!!!!!

No. It was a line of pill-needers. I waited patiently behind the lovely young lady in the white pants with the visible thong. I continued to wait as she whispered her needs to the pharmacist who asked, "do you need something to work immediately?" It is somewhat interesting to note here that she seemed to prefer a remedy that would work sometime later today. He escorted her to a display of the desired item and returned to his post. I waited further while the store manager came in to report that none of his techs were available and that he would just have to "hang in there." I became concerned for my pharmacist.

Nobody's eyes should bulge like that, I'm sure of it.

When my turn arrived, I happily handed him my prescription. I noted that, for some reason known only to him, the pharmacist was wearing a polo shirt with the Homeland Security logo. Thus, when asked if I wouldn't mind coming back later to pick up my order, I happily agreed. When one is requesting a controlled substance one is cautious of the Homeland Security's possible interest. You never know... I'm reasonably sure that there is not some office somewhere with a file containing grainy photos of The Sheep knitting and eating pizza, but I'm not going to go out of my way to attract the attention of Big Brother.

I'm more fun without the meds anyway.

I returned home thinking that I might actually get a few things finished, but it was not to be. The heat and humidity began to rise and the very idea of working with wool became repugnant. That's right...repugnant. I'm hot and I'm grumpy. The wool is repugnant.

To top it all off, every time I looked up I was greeted by this sight:

It was either one furry critter or the other. Neither seemed to sense my heat related mood nor seemed particularly affected by said heat. Everybody wanted to be in my lap. I pointed out several times that they are really not quite as helpful as they think they are and that perhaps they might want to go find a nice cool place to have a lie down. No dice. The babies love their Mama.
I did manage to cast on for a hat and hope to get a couple of rows done before I pack it in for the day. I'm weary of socks and need a take-along project should the need for portable knitting arise. The yarn is a coopworth/silk noil blend that I spun up about a year ago. It's soft, but there really isn't enough to do a larger project.

Obligatory lopsided photo of yarn for your viewing enjoyment

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a bit more productive. I have an early morning appointment with a nurse and a needle. A little something to look forward to on a Monday... Then I'll go visit my favorite Homeland Security Agent/Pharmacist to pick up my prescription. After that, the day is mine to do with as I please.

And it would please me greatly to finish something in a feline-free setting.



Anonymous said...

I did time, I mean worked, at CVS during college. The pharmacy was always swamped. The pharmacists tended to be cranky. And a pharmacist without a tech to buffer them from the rabid customers was deadly. You know, like a sheep with out her pepperoni pizza.

Julie said...

Silly, silly, Sheep! Don't you know there is no such thing as knitting in a "feline-free" setting as long as you are owned by kittie cats!

Geraldine said...

There is also no such thing as sewing in a cat-free zone...The Mitz can be sound asleep, when the 'sound' of glass-headed pins is in her radar area, she is up like a shot, sitting on pattern pieces, trying to pull out pins etc...Yarn of course is another fav. item to pull/chew on. 18 years young, thats for sure.

Hope the kitty plumbing problems are rectified!

Cheers, G

knitnthings said...

I think the kitties conspire to come sit on your lap when your hot & stiky and really don't want to be bothered. Mine only came to me when I didn't want him around - when I wanted to cuddle I would swear there was no cat in my house.