Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Am Exhausted!

First, a shout-out and a "thanks" to my TB-free well wishers. When you haven't had a clean chest x-ray since May and were exposed right around the same time by the woman who cooks for you and gives you mommy hugs 'n kisses, there can be a certain amount of stress around the issue. Good thoughts were appreciated.

Today was D-Day for the Return To Sewing Extravaganza. I was as giddy as a school girl at the thought of it and barely slept a wink anticipating my upcoming creation. The pattern promised me that I could crank this bag out in a mere afternoon and be out on the town with it by evening. Admiring glances and whispered words of envy from onlookers were not actually promised, but there was a certain "implication" if you know what I mean.

However, as I recalled my last venture into the world of pins and needles, it occurred to me that I might want to take a moment and reflect on the many, many....many errors I made back in the day and try not to repeat them. With all the solemnity of a nun taking her vows, I made the following declarations:

I will read the pattern all the way through before I cut anything.

I will do what those directions tell me to do. They are there for a reason.

I do not have enough technical skill to "wing it" and should refrain from doing so.

If I make a mistake, it is better to take the item apart and repair it instead of promising myself that it can be covered with a colorful patch. There is a limit to the number of colorful patches one can get away with when one is in her forties.

That said, I dragged out the machine and began. Persephone, a wise creature in her own right, chose to observe from a sensible distance.

I've lived through several of these "phases." I've developed coping skills.
Three hours later, dripping with sweat and with a my thumb stuck in a pair of stork scissors, I opted to call it a day.

I will not be taking my new tote out on the town tonight.

To my credit, I actually did follow a couple of my self-imposed rules. Sort of. I read through the first half of the directions before I lost interest and scampered over to the machine. I spent 30 minutes meticulously pinning the bottom of the bag in place per the directions. I then spent another 40 minutes taking it apart to account for the puckering before I decided that I could just cover it with a colorful patch. And even though I elected not to use the correct layout for the pattern pieces thereby denying myself the necessary yardage for a liner, I did think about doing it the way I was supposed to. For a minute anyway. And if the liner I am choosing to use instead is of a fabric not recommended by the authors of the pattern well...that 's how things go sometimes, isn't it?

All in all, it's not a failed experiment and I am not ready to consign the whole thing to the recycling bin at this point. The fabric was only a dollar a yard so even if it does go completely haywire on me it's not like it's much of a loss.

I have to go in to the office tomorrow for a meeting and some paperworky stuff then head out for a Parenting Education session in the evening so its doubtful I'll put any time into this project for the next couple of days. And it wouldn't be such a bad idea to make a little more progress on Amy's Project given that my next hair appointment is Saturday. It might not have been wise to promise my stylist a hand-knit item...she can do damage if I'm not working at an acceptable pace.

Now I must go rest from my labors. All that sewing induced cussin' and fussin' really took it out of me!



trek said...

Hey a buck a yard - can't beat that.

Beth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading your post about sewing the tote. It was very funny!

camadsmom said...

Rest up from all your hard work. Tomorrow is a big day for you. Lots to do. Like the bag.

Sheila said...

It looks great in the picture. I say you add some wooden handles and leave it at that. I don't sew well...too many details to read about!

laurie in maine said...

Colorful patches are called CRAZY (quilts). Toting a bag made with the word crazy in the description shouldn't be problem for an aspiring crazy cat lady?

I have a "winging it" bag with lots of frontal pockets - I can make in a couple of hours now. My daughter liberated the last one, but at least she shared that it got raves from her boyfriend's mom ;)

The Purloined Letter said...

What a cute tote bag!

Teri S. said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and finally came to realize that it was too stressful to chop up fabric, knowing that one false move could ruin everything. Well, that and the fact that I have trouble sewing in a straight line. That's why I prefer knitting. If something fails miserably, I haven't lost the materials, just the time.

The tote is looks like it's turning out well. Can't wait to see the FO, colorful patches and all!

Veggies,Yarns& Tails said...

Great post to start the day, you crack me up (in a good way) Annie!!!
I wish the Mitz would observe my sewing ventures from a sensible distance, no, she must be sitting in my lap, at the machine, trying to get a pin or two for a 'snack' NOT!!!

Have a great weekend,