Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sheep On A Wheel.

Probably won't catch on like the whole "snakes on a plane" thing, but is an apt description of the day. Much like the proverbial hamster on his exercise wheel, there was a great deal of activity, but not a whole heck of alot to show for it.

I awoke this morning to discover that I was running low on toilet paper and flavored water. As I consider these to be two necessary (and somewhat related) items to have on hand, it seemed that a run to the store was a good thing to add to the day's schedule. Ever the thinkin' Sheep, I decided that going to Ye Olde Small Towne Market might be a bit quicker. It's an overcast day and the beach traffic should be minimal.

Not really. In fact, what was left out of the equation was the outpouring of tourists seeking something better to do than huddle under their beach blankets on the rain soaked sands. There was some very strategic and impressive driving on the part of The Sheep in order that she might arrive at the store in one piece and purchase the stuff she needed.

Back at the homestead, there was a great deal of fiber related activity, all of which was duly photographed and uploaded to this post. And none of which seems to be here.

You'll just have to take my word for it. Close your eyes and imagine half a bobbin of Finn and the beginning of a heel flap. It'll be almost like seeing it in real life...

It's probably for the best. You've already seen sock #1 and the first skein of the plied yarn. Perhaps this was some sort of sign from the Blogger Buddah meant to help me realize that showing pictures of half finished projects is really just a sad attempt to justify not actually finishing them.

Or maybe it's meant to keep The Sheep on the wheel. It could end up being a cool catch phrase...



trek said...

Ayuh. Right. You made progress.


Julie said...

Tourist Traffic - the one downside of summer! Many days I sit at the stop sign at the end of my road for 5 or more minutes just trying to get out onto Route 1! NOT FUN.

Teri S. said...

Very catchy, that "Sheep on a Wheel" phrase. Have you considered marketing as a second career?

Rain and tourists make for a crowded store. When I'm doing the beach vacation thing, I avoid the stores so I can avoid the tourists, of which I'm one. Hmmm...does that mean I'm avoiding myself?

Beth said...

I thought of you today for the same reason - tourists/shoppers. We live outside a town that has a thriving historic district (which is where the LYS is). There were people everywhere today and I really had to pay a lot of attention.... Pull up to check for cars. Realize I'm on the sidewalk when two people walk behind my car to get around me. Pull back to clear the sidewalk. Check for people then creep slowly forward to check for cars. Gee whiz!

Sheila said...

I'll throw the "Sheep on a Wheel" phrase around and see if it takes off. There is an Austin band called "Asleep at the Wheel", so it may be tough to get people around here to not say "A Sheep at the Wheel", (especially after a few drinks!)

Anonymous said...

The tourists will be gone soon and you'll have the stores, streets and frozen pizza all to yourself.
Since you didn't get to post your photos with this entry you can do it next time and save yourself from having to whip up something else to entertain us.

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said... that flavored water and toilet paper, definitely go hand in hand, so to speak.

The tourists are heading home, should help to return things to 'normal' soon, is there such a thing for anyone???

Huggs, G