Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More On Flocking...And Flappage.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Sheep family luncheon was not well-attended. Among the missing were some of the more witty members of the group. It slowed the conversation somewhat, I must say. I can recall gatherings past where you had to carefully time your beverage consumption to avoid spraying liquid on your seat partners. Once, when a waitress commented on the size of the group and how wonderful it must be to have such quality time with family, Cousin D. quipped (in his inimitable Yankee drawl), "ayuh, it's where we look for dates."

Seriously...How do you compete with that? We were a mere group of five and cousin D. was not amongst us. I had to work with what I had:

Sheepish Annie: So, Dad, when do you and Mom head out on vacation?

Daddy Sheep: Tomorrow, bright and early. Your mother has already re-packed my suitcase.

SA: Re-packed?

DS: Yes. She has taken all my socks, underwear and handkerchiefs and packaged them together like single servings in Ziploc baggies. Apparently, I am a "rummager." She doesn't like the rummaging. She seems to think that she can cut down on the rummaging if I have my socks, handkerchiefs and underwear already grouped and sealed in plastic.

SA: (grinning broadly and raising her voice in order that Mommy Sheep's slightly aged ears will pick this up) Prepackaged, you say? Are they labeled as know, with your name, the "wear-by date," and a phone number in case you are missing?

DS: Shh!!!!!!

Mommy Sheep: What a wonderful idea!

DS: Dammit.

SA: Hee-hee!

You do what you can with the material available. It can be a challenge.

Meanwhile back at Sock Central, we have reached flap stage. I do not care for starting the heel flap. But I like it more than picking up stitches for the gusset so I'm not in full whine mode just yet.

The stitch-counter, chocolate and Cosmo hidden under the pattern are there "just in case."
My newfound love of fine sock yarn continues and seems to grow with each day. I have found myself perusing various websites and gazing at the sock yarns with misty eyes. At one point, I heard a faint "mewling" sound and looked about for a kitty in distress. As they were looking back at me with similar expressions of alarm I can only assume that the whimper was mine own. So pretty, so full of socky goodness...
God, I need that pay raise that comes with the start of a new contract year!!!!!


Kate said...

There are times I think we were separated at birth. God I love my quippy family. I don't know if anyone else thinks we are funny, but we crack each other up!

trek said...

Oh, Sheep - that is so wrong! But really funny. I used to do that with Neatnik diaper bag clothing changes...

Teri S. said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your family gatherings! It sounds like hysterical times are had by all.

I don't like starting the flap either; it's awkward. If you did a short row heel, you could avoid both the flap and the picking up. Of course, short rows are more anxiety inducing than flaps. But it does produce a nicer heel.

And nice yarn is...well...nice. Over the last couple of years, I've started gravitating towards the more expensive yarns, much to my husband's chagrin. I do hope your raise is a good one so you can indulge!

Anonymous said...

The quippiness is so cute and I love your mother repacking for your father. That is such an old married couple thing and very cute indeed!!
I, um, ah, like to do heels. I like the flap and love picking up the gusset stitches. In my mind it's the shortest section of the sock. The leg tends to be long as does the foot. The heel is just stuck there alone in the middle doing all the work for comfort. By the time I get to the toe I just want it done.

Geraldine said...

Wow, your mom sounds like my kind of woman!!! Ive had friends gaze in awe at what I can pack in one little suitcase, my trick is rolling each item, like sausages all in rows LOL....
Enjoy your family, you are lucky to have such a witty and close one and close at hand, most days.


Julie said...

OMG - I think I love Cousin D! What a riot.

As for the socks, I agree with Karen; I like doing the heel flaps and picking up the stitches. It's like, Yay, I've reached the 1/2 way mark! I don't, however, enjoy doing the gusset decreases for some reason. Don't know why - it's not like it's hard or anything - it's just that once I get the heel done, I just want to start on the foot.

Lazuli said...

I don't mind picking up the heel stitches so much; it's the flap, and its beginning, that annoys me most. I like turning the heel, picking up the stitches, and decreasing. I wish grad students got a pay raise to buy nice sock yarn with!