Thursday, August 17, 2006

Icing On The Cake, So To Speak.

Persephone, the largely ineffective home-security cat, is truly the sweetest of beings. She is a rescued feline, having been found in a trailer along with 29 or so other cats. Someone, somewhere did seem to make an effort to care for her as she had been spayed. But it also seems that she suffered a significant blow to the head at some point as well. Despite, (or perhaps because of), this her only desire in this world is to be loved, held, snuggled and petted. She will tolerate pretty much anything save foot touching and having her tummy exposed.

Given her history, it is something of a mystery to me why she is so darned fussy about the litter box. Me 'n Desdemona are not what you would call great housekeepers. We both have a remarkable tolerance for messiness-within-reason. The box is a priority, but we don't lose our minds over it.

Not so with my youngest child.

I honestly hadn't planned on spending the better part of my day yesterday fooling with a little postcard layout and attempting to make four simple changes that required a doctorate in computer science to achieve. By the time I made it back to hearth and home, I was a bit frazzled and out of sorts...I guess a certain box 'o poo slipped my mind.

I suppose it shouldn't have come as a total surprise when, during the horrifying turn of events on Project Runway, I noted a certain level of Kitty Distress. Desdemona was racing back and forth between the "box zone" and the couch in a gleeful effort to attract my attention to something. Persephone was hanging her head and refusing to meet my eye.

I took a moment to steel my nerves for what I suspected lay ahead. Desdemona developed the ability to grin in full defiance of the fact that felines lack the necessary muscle structure to do so and Persephone made haste to the box in a futile bid to hide the evidence.

I rounded the corner to find her frantically rearranging six grains of litter that had escaped the box over her "floor deposit," looking for all the world like The Sheep circa 1972 trying to disguise the green beans she'd neglected to eat at dinner. It was sort of hard to be mad...

A fitting end to the day, I must say.

Today has been pretty quiet. I opted to stay away from the office for fear that I might be on the receiving end of more "helpful" suggestions with regard to the layout of the postcard from hell. All calls are being screened, lemme tellya! But I wasn't avoiding the postman! No, sirree!! Lookee what The Sheep scored through a recent de-stashing:

And it was free!!! Free, I tells ya! I did pay the postage, and a bit extra for the handling, but I figure ten bucks is a small price to pay for scads of flaxy goodness. I've been wanting to try prepared flax for a while now and this seemed like a good opportunity. If all goes well, I plan to go all Mason/Dixon on this stuff. And if all goes badly...well, it's not like a fortune was spent here.
And we also have coverage for one hoof:

One foot, blue foot, where's the two foot?

Well, it's underway. This is a pretty quick-knit, down 'n dirty sock pattern so I might actually manage to have an FO to add to the list before the end of summer break. I hate to jinx it so we'll just plan on having it done for Thanksgiving or something.

I've learned my lesson this week with regard to things that have been labeled, "simple."



Kate said...

Cats will be cats. Luckily you have a tattle-tale cat to alert you to such things. Maggie does this for us. She spends a lot of time tattling on the BHFH. The flax looks like a giant box of crazy hair! I love it!

trek said...

One hoof
Blue hoof
Can you knit a new hoof?

Beth said...

Nice sock! But, if you're knitting for hooves, you'll need 4 and not 2. :) And I just have to say that you don't even want to know how our dog tries to "hide" her surprise piles. :(

April said...

Litter boxes, what a concept. "Welcome to my home, over here is my box of poo. Isn't it lovely? And such a delicate fragrance."

Who's idea was it to get cats anyway?

Teri S. said...

Poor Persephone. I find that a large litter box with a lot of litter works wonders.

The Euroflax is gorgeous. I've been resisting that and the Mason-Dixon book. My will is weakening.

Sheila said...

Ooh, let us know how spinnning flax goes-that's something I haven't tried. Every time I go to the bookstore, I come a little bit closer to buying The Mason-Dixon book.

Julie said...

Beautiful blue sock!

Diana said...

Euroflax.... beautiful... absolutely lovely.

missemilysmom said...

Love the free stash!! Ahhhh... our four pawed children can be trying.... but we know how much we really love them! Love the Blue Sock!!

Geraldine said...

Nice footsie covers!!!! Love the colors.

The Mitz is VERY fussy about her box too and we try to keep it up to her high level of cleanliness. I think its great that cats are so clean, a misconception that so many people have, that cats are slobs, so NOT true!!! The Mitz does however like to leave a strategically placed do-do or three, around the house, when she has deemed that we have left her alone too long. The ones on the basement steps...does hit-cat come to mind LOL....

Your kitty story choked me many sad, sad stories like this and not enough happy endings. Your cats are lucky they found their way to a great Meowmie, like you!

Happy Friday, G

Anonymous said...

Cute sock!
I never understood cat boxes. I'm a dog person. But one of my dogs does use a dog box, er, newpaper in a plastic box, for emergencies.

camadsmom said...

You can't write stuff like that. If I am ever going to get a cat in my house , You can only blog about the positive cat behaviors. CamMads Dad is an avid reader of the Sheep and I need all the help I can get.

Mia said...

OMG.. it must be a full moon or something.... Lizzy (a/k/a new name Bella) is having some potty issues herelf.
can't say more, i'm a little intoxicated, bjt I spelle dit right ::laughing::