Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Heat Related Observations:

There are things that just do not flourish in this, the apocalypse. Certain activities and pastimes simply have no hope of completion and we all need to adjust. For example:

Driving. In her short trip to the grocery store The Sheep was witness to several instances of heat induced road rage as others attempted to find the one cool spot left on the planet.

Shopping. Once the realization that there is no escape sets in, it is a mad frenzy to buy up all the ice cream in the freezer section. The Sheep is not proud of what she had to do to get the last carton of Giffords Moose Tracks Frozen Yogurt. Not proud at all.

Avoiding The Office. My office is air conditioned. They needed someone to come in and design a brochure. I was not a graphic designer. I am now.

Knitting. Do I really need to go into this any further?

Surprisingly, it does seem to be conducive to spinning. As this activity allowed The Sheep to park herself in front of a fan and did not require that a mass of knitted fabric rest her lap it was the ideal endeavor with which to fill the morning hours before she could go in to her nice cool office.

Pretty Finn...and you can't even see where the drops of sweat from my forehead hit! It is stain resistant...
The second round of this fiber was waiting in my mailbox this morning. (Thanks, Sheila!!!) It kept me occupied for quite some time and I almost forgot that I was melting into an amorphous pool of Sheepie goo.
Thankfully, the storms have begun to move in and, with it, cooler temps. I know that there are others out there who have been and continue to suffer in this oppressive, mind-numbing, zit-raising heat. I almost feel badly adding to the general sense of grumpiness out there.
But I have no air conditioning.
And this was the temperature in my living room at 10:00 this morning:

Need I say more?



trek said...

It was still 99°F outside when I went out the front door at eight-frickin'-thirty tonight!

mrichme said...


We invite you up to Camden. The lake is warm (but not hot) and we occassionally get a breeze from the ocean.


Sheila said...

I think it is cooler down here in Texas! You're welcome to come visit us for some relief from the heat!
My tool sharpening system still hasn't come, so I've had a pretty unproductive week. I think I'll try some spinning tomorrow to get my mind off the UPS truck.

Geraldine said...

Yikes, that is one hot room!!! Poor Sheep, I feel for you. Its finally cooling down a bit here in Canada. I just posted another hot weather recipe on Veggies....just in case everyone else in Blogland was still enduring the heat. From what Ive been reading, you aren't alone.

Sending you wishes for cool breezes and temps. soon.... BFN, G

Kate said...

Cooler weather is on it's way and it's such sweet relief! I'm not made for heat. I'd rather have it be cold than hot.

April said...

am i the only one who thinks that the picture of Finn would look wonderful on a notecard? or if you stuck some plastic holly berries on it it could double as a Christmas card!

i think the heat is getting to me.