Saturday, August 05, 2006

It Takes So Little To Make Me Happy!

I generally try to make my now-daily trips to the store fairly early in the morning. Thus, I can avoid the crush of folks attempting to make their daily pilgrimages to wherever it is that they like to hang out. I sorta overslept this morning, though and got a bit of a late start. This is how I managed to get caught in the gridlock that is the "Weekend Beach Migration."

Did I despair? Was I moved to rage? Did I contemplate ramming my vehicle repeatedly into the rear bumper of the car ahead of me until it moved forward through the sheer momentum created by my assault?

I did not.

This trip felt "doable." There was the nice man who let me make the right hand turn from my street into traffic. (OK, I suspect he was actually trying to help out the cute girl in the Jeep who had made some serious miscalculations with regard to the amount of space it might take to do a u-turn, but I'm going to just stick with assuming that it was the milk of human kindness at work here and not a booty call sort of thing.) The temperatures were mild and there was a general absence of driving stupidity. It was all working.

And to top it all off, I received a notice from the insurance company denying my claim for the last visit with Dr. DeSade, DMD. I owe $105.00.

Why did this cause such joy and lightening of The Sheep's bitter old heart? This is a bill for crying out loud!!! Well, lemme tellya: this is the smallest bill I've had in month's from my least favorite dentist. I've paid off his boat and slip gives me great joy to know that this time around I'm merely providing what, I'm sure to him, represents the equivalent of change in the couch cushions.

Like I doesn't take much to give me the giggles.

Work on the Tidus Tote continues. (Taste Is Dependent Upon Skills) The trim has been stitched into place and the Beads of Distraction are now being strategically placed in order that the public might focus on something besides the errors.

You can't really see the beads here. Perhaps I need to add some glitter...

Once I come up with a plan to disguise the grievous errors made on the facing inside the bag I can call it done. This will be a happy day filled with laughter, dancing and the consumption of Mountain Dew and ice cream.

Yeah, yeah...the Mountain Dew and ice cream are actually sort of a regular event. I'm a celebrant.

What can I say?



Mia said...

Oh Sheepie.. have you gone so far as to say the "glitter" word? ::laughing::

Mountain Dew and ice cream? Oh my.. words fail me ::laughing::

Have yourself a great little day Sheepie.. and thank you for being you!

Sheila said...

The bag looks terrific-I love the colors.

camadsmom said...

I like the bag. Don't sweat the small stuff. Glad to here your trip was good. The only problem with the end of the traffic and torist season is that it means we have to go back to work.

trek said...

Ice cream...had some for dinner last sick...that's why I am commenting at 5am on a Sunday morning. Someone shoot me.

Julie said...

Nice tote; great color choice.

Do you make a Mountain Dew Float with the ice cream? Sounds interesting.

Tygher Knits said...

I know the pain of the dentist. Luckily, Jason's dental insurance kicks in before I need any more work done .. a couple cavities need filling, and I have one that got cracked somehow they need to repair. And I hate dental work, but at least I have the good dentist.

Geraldine said...

I second Mia's comment, thank you for being you Sheep!!!!

Mountain, I remember it well, one of my fav. pops, in my pop-drinking days, Ive moved on to Perrier and such these days...trying to curtail the sugary drinks. But hey, once in a while, go for it. Happy Sunday, G