Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sheep Have Needs Too!

I am a Sheep with cravings these days. For example, for the past week I've been sportin' a cake obsession of epic proportions. Thinkin' of cake, talkin' of cake, sometimes actually experiencing phantom cake tastes and smells. CAKE!!!!!

Fortunately, my local grocery store (that'd be lgs) has some deep and mystical understanding of the whimsical cravings of local Sheep. They sell cute little 4" cakes in the bakery department complete with sprinkles and the obligatory blue accent frosting atop the white butter cream. And let's face it: blue is the superior frosting. But you can't eat it in public. Try it...then look at your teeth. This is just a little tip from The Sheep to you.

I'd show you a picture of the cute little cake...but I ate it. I didn't even take it off the cute little cardboard cake round. It is naught but a lovely cakey memory. Craving satisfied and I can move on with the other gastronomic aspects of my life.

I've also been jonesin' for an FO. I've been somewhat disappointed in my track record this summer with regard to getting things off the needles and onto the sidebar. I've got it all in perspective; there has been no gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and recitations of soulful poetry. I just thought I'd get more done. However, one of my more endearing qualities (unless you are expecting something from me in a timely fashion) is my fascination with a great many things. My head is easily turned. I get to experience quite a bit that way...I just don't get to finish alot of stuff.

Despite this, the Boogie Vest has made it to the finish line! In all honesty, it really isn't quite what I was looking for in a vest. I do like it and will wear it. But I'm not loving the neckline as a vest. I would love it as a lighter weight tank for spring or summer and might attempt it again in a cotton.

The Sheep strikes a pose...and manages to fold in the armhole in the process. It looks like my vest was attacked by a shark!!!! Blocking, please.
For all my nasty comments about the color of this vest, it actually works with much of my wardrobe. I guess I have more of an affinity for puke green than I thought. Hmmm.... Anyhoo, the yarn for this was Woolease Chunky which I like for it's washability and lesser expensive nature. I think, given my lack of total love for this vest, I might have been disappointed had I used a more costly yarn. All things considered though, I'm a "vest girl" and will wear them regardless of the fiber involved most of the time. This one will see the light of day more than once.
Because I must have a plethora of projects going at any given time, I decided to ignore the hat, muff and possible shawl dangling hopefully from a variety of needles in a variety of locations around my home and cast on for a pair of socks. I won a skein of Mama E's hand-dyed a few months ago and was planning to use it to test out the two circular needles method. Sadly, the Addis that I had on hand were of the short, dinky, can't-get-a-good-grip-on variety and I was sooooo not feelin' the love for that endeavor. I swapped back to the dpns and am happily working on the cuff. These are a pretty generic pair of socks given that the yarn is quite bold for me. I rarely wear striped or patterned socks so I figured the plain knit would make up for the flashy color choice.
And thus The Sheep was able to satisfy many a craving today: An FO, a new project and cake all in one fell swoop! Not bad, if I do say so myself.
Now I must go wash my workout clothes for tomorrow. Sometimes you have to pay for your cravings.
50 extra crunches are not going to be as satisfying, I fear.


trek said...

Blue is the best color for almost anything!

Vest is looking good, too. Now to think of how to schedule in a workout tomorrow between dr appointments and a sick Neatnik....

Julie said...

I like the vest (puke green is one of my favorite colors). I see that we shop at the same place - I have the same striped blouse :)

Blue frosting - eehh, don't much go for the blue teeth it creates.

Teri S. said...

Love, love, love cake! Don't like blue frosting though. To each her own. The vest looks nice, but then I'm partial to that type of neckline. Your UFO list sounds almost as long as mine.

Lazuli said...

I like the green, personally (though I have to agree w/ Trek about the values of blue!) That cake sounds very tasty!

Sheila said...

The vest fits smashingly well! Good job, Sheep.
I'm not much of a cake eater, but I baked one today for my 17 y/o's birthday party, and it was yummy.

Kate said...

I like the vest a lot. I too suffer from random cake cravings. Especially white. Or marble. Or chocolate. I need to find me a cake now, hope you are happy.

Veggies, Yarns & Tails said...

Im a green lover myself, including the color of your vest. That is not a true PUKE green LOL....I think the finale is going to be good, just stay away from sharks.

Cake eating eh??? How about making your own next time, I will leave a link for you if you feel adventurous and want to try a yummy Zucchini Chocolate Cake aka Naked Cake! If you read the post, you'll know why its called that.

Anonymous said...

Oh cake....Cake is good...
The vest looks really nice. I like the color. It's different and much like cake, different is good.

Beth (big geek) said...

eddie izzard would say: "Cake or Death?" I choose cake! Cake I say!

I like the vest! It came out smashing!

I am not even english.

right then....


Mia said...

The vest looks awesome, and the Sheep herself is looking very svelte!! Good to see that you had some cake *grin*

The Purloined Letter said...

Great vest! I think you are right that it would make an adorable summer top.

Beth said...

Your vest turned out great! I love the cables and the color.