Tuesday, August 29, 2006

J. Crew Don't Lie

Despite my own mirror and a lengthy discussion of the matter with my doctor last week, I am capable of living in denial for quite some time. Today, though, as I put on my favorite "old-reliable" jeans the hard truth needed to be faced:

I've put on a little weight over the summer.

Now, a couple of years ago this would have been enough to put me in quite the little "shame spiral." I might disappear for days only to be discovered actually living in the refrigerator and wiping my tears of dismay on cellophane wrappers emblazoned with the word, "Hostess." I could be lured out with a pair of nice, stretchy sweat pants and a whole fried chicken if folks acted quickly enough.

I'm really much better about these things now.

The reality is that these things happen. According to the doctor, my Body Mass Index is holding at 22 (which is good) and that the development of some new muscle mass in my upper body has also added to the numbers on that mean old scale. It's nothing that isn't going to correct itself once I get back on a regular schedule next week.

During my bout with the Monkey Pox last spring, I lost alot of weight. More than I really let on. I sort of hid under some baggy clothing for a while there. Truth be told, I was actually fitting into a size two. If you had told me in years past that this might be a bad thing, I would have scoffed. And quite heartily at that. But that particular size, regardless of what Hollywood is telling me, is not a good look for this Sheep. I was told on numerous occasions that I bore a rather striking resemblance to a plague victim. Not good. I began to eat regular meals of chicken and doughnuts.

The doughnuts probably aren't anything that your physician might recommend...but I really wanted them.

So, it is with resignation, that The Sheep acknowledges the end of her feeding frenzy and returns to her regularly scheduled better behavior with the occasional piece of fruit or a veggie thrown in. Thrice weekly workouts will replace the haphazard "eh, we'll shoot for two this week" schedule. Ice cream eaten directly from the carton will be considered poor behavior.

I do it as a salute to the honesty of the J. Crew Boy Cut Jeans. They deserve the best I have to give.

With the loss of refined sugar in my life, I must find sweetness elsewhere. This seemed to fit the bill:

Skein #2 of the Finn!
It is still drying at this point, but will be ready for final skeining sometime tonight. Unless, of course, the recent spate of rainy weather slows things down. There is a wee bit left on the bobbins that still needs to be plied and then I can begin figuring out what this is going to become. I think that I'm looking at a bolero of some sort.
One that might look good with the jeans, dontcha know!


Beth said...

It looks like you've spun a sunset! Hope your room is coming together well.

Sheila said...

Oh, that Finn looks so nice...I'll trade you some unspun Finn for your handspun! I guess you won't go for that barter, eh?
Yes, the fire drill was the highlight of my morning at school. I think it was for the children, too!

trek said...

The finn is pretty!

Teri S. said...

Rain? You've got rain? Please send some our way. And some of the autumnal weather that New England is rumored to be getting! We're still facing hot and humid weather here in ol' Virginie.

The Finn is sooo pretty! One of these days I'm going to have to put down my needle and sidle up to the wheel and get spinning again!

Diana said...

It's a beautiful color!

Kate said...

J. Crew does lie. I'm a 6 or 8 but I look fat in nearly everything I try on at J. Crew. Not to be a naggy lunchroom lady, but did the doc test your thyroid? I'm still worried about it. (I know, get a life) The finn is really pretty. Ice cream out of the carton is dairy. Dairy is good.

cursingmama said...

Are you sure you didn't accidentally wash in hot water & then dry on the hot setting (please - it's what I'm hoping for myself after the summer of eating)

Geraldine said...

Jeans (denim no stretch) do not lie!!! Boo hooo....my favs. are still in the 'Ill get back to you soon I hope' section of my closet. Congrats on holding the line on the fat-o-meter...well done. I need more exercise and that is something I am working on.

I agree with Beth, you've spun a sunset.


debsnm said...

You can't eat ice cream from the carton? wha???????

missemilysmom said...

Did you ever get a desk?? If they cannot get you one.. i am totally serious e-mail me at work and i will give you mine if they will let me!!!