Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Revisions Received.

Scene: The empty office of the Graphic Designer at the large and well-stocked main branch of The Almighty Agency. The phone rings. Voice mail picks up:

Hello, you have reached the offices of Susie Sunshine, Graphic Designer up here in Nirvana. I can't take your call right now as we are all having our weekly office pedicures. You know how it is; you're one minute late and you have to drink your beverage from a plain old glass instead of the cool coconut shell. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you just as soon as my toes dry and we've finished our festive conga-line dancing.


Um, yeah...hi. This is The Sheep down at the small and poorly equipped southern Maine branch. I just wanted to call and say, "thanks ever so much" for the revisions you sent for the mailing literature that I recently designed. Golly, it sure was swell of you to take a look at it and make all those helpful suggestions. Oddly enough, many of them were things that I, myself, thought might look dandy. But since I have to do this on an older machine...and in "Word"...'cause, you know, we don't have a graphic design program, and, um,....I kind of really don't know what I'm doing... Anyway, it's been about three hours now and I'm really thinking that I'm starting to get a handle on this. Oh, wait, can you hold on a minute?

sound of the phone clattering to the desktop and the muffled voice of The Sheep in the background

What the????? Where did the text go? No, no, no!!!!! Oh, wait, maybe if I just....oh you I've lost the graphic!!!!!

OK, I'm back. I really just wanted to compliment you on your decision to have us do this down here rather than just do it yourself with your specially designed program and degree in computer science and all. It is so much more of a "learning experience" this way and your thoughtfulness in this regard is just...well, it's something. No need to call back, really. I'm pretty sure that in the next thirty minutes or so there will be nothing left of me save a cartoon cutout of my form in the window glass and a stain on the pavement below. But you have a great day, now and enjoy that pedicure!


It's been a long day. I'm pretty sure that I've been able to rework the postcard thingie that the head office wanted in the style that will make them all happy. These "minor" revisions took up most of the afternoon and I then stayed on a bit later to process with one of the visit supervisors who had been mediating a particularly gut-wrenching discussion between a mother and daughter regarding custody. She was a little's part of the job, but we all get a bit teary-eyed after these things.

I did make some headway on my sock during the morning and anticipate finishing it up tomorrow. Then I get to do the whole thing over again in order that I might have a pair. But that's OK. Because I know how to knit a sock. Pieces of it don't just randomly go away and hide in cyberspace just to taunt me.

Unless you drop a stitch...



trek said...

Um, Sheep, you did read about the AKCD, didn't you? I know you did. Don't get cocky now.

Teri S. said...

What a day! There's nothing like losing bytes to the big bit-bucket in the sky. I hope your sock knitting goes much better and that you don't drop a stitch. Well, if you do, you can always pick it up again.

Diana said...

Just remember that not all socks want to be a pair. Some are lone soles. I have a drawer full, and they are quite happy.

Beth said...

Sorry you had a frustrating day. Tomorrow will be better (and it's one day closer to the weekend!).

Kate said...

Yikes! I hate when MS Word eats your work in a very random fashion. Or when you are trying to print on a deadline and the whole network conspires to eat your work. Yeah, we can't get ahold of anyone in our big giant corporate behemoth office either. They are all in very important meetings eating french pastries and making no decisions.

Geraldine said...

Oh Sheep....are you ever NOT witty!!! Great story. When you find the drinks in the coconut shells, call me, Ill meet you down in Nirvana!!! LOL.

Huggs and hope you have a better day on the way, G

The Purloined Letter said...

Yikes! I love this continuing saga! (And perhaps you can knit those toeless socks for your pedicure-getting advisors...?)

Sheila said...

Just imagine what you could do with the proper equipment and software!
I hope you find your bits.