Sunday, August 13, 2006

Taking The Long Step...

It won't be easy, but The Sheep will now descend from her self-made pedestal and rejoin the rest of the world in more reality-based pursuits. Thank you for indulging my little bout of self- congratulatory blogging with regard to the happy results of my Finn Spinnin'. (Careful there, Sheepie. Wouldn't want to break a hoof pattin' yerself on the back so darn hard!) After spending two days in auto-filled angst and dropping close to a thousand dollars in repairs, I felt that I was due for a day of celebration. It was fun.

Today, though, I needed to make a little shift in focus. The good folks at MasterCard, who seemed giddy at the prospect of funding Thursday's little adventure in rack 'n pinion repair, will probably want to see some of that money back someday. I decided that it might not be a bad idea to head into the office and get to work on that database project to which I committed myself a month ago. Actually, the current task is to burn eight million floppies onto CD. These are random bits of data, letters, phone logs and the like which must be forever immortalized in digital form and lack any semblance of organization. I thoughtfully purchased some rewritable CDs on my way to the office.

Of course, I neglected to remember that the computer at work is, shall we say, "vintage." And I strongly suspect that three of the six hamsters that run the wheels which power this behemoth have long since expired. The CDs were not going to work. Thankfully, I located some that were more compatible. After two hours of work with the world's most cumbersome burning software, I left and rewarded myself with a take-out lunch from Panera. I'd earned it.

On the homefront, I have another pressing matter to which I must attend. There was a little...well, um...tantrum the other day. I'm not proud of it nor of the sock ripping that followed. It's best to not discuss it as it would probably just sully my good name across these here internets for all time. Sock #2 is well underway:

Less ribbing...probably for the best.
Everything is fine now and we are past the childish desire to destroy that which does not bend to our will. I have a good feeling about this one.
Persephone, the scary attack cat, remains on duty in the event that anyone out there still harbors thoughts of yarn pillaging. She was only mildly put out by the suggestions of commenters that she could be bribed by treats or catnip mice. I tried to point out that a cat can't really take offense to that which is probably true, but she was overdue for her nap break and not really inclined to listen.

But she will guard her mommy's lap with her life, I'm sure of it!



trek said...

Are you sure that Persephone the Attack Cat didn't do in those three hamsters?

The Mitz said...

Heh're my kinda cat!!!! Take good care of your Meowmie, she needs to keep mine laughing....she does a LOT of that snort, snort, hahahaha...stuff when she's over at your Meowmie Sheeps's blog.

Headbonks, The Mitz

Julie said...

Oh, we don't know anything about frustration and destruction, not at this house, no siree.

Lazuli said...

Glad to hear that the car is sorted out, although... that's too bad you had to please the MC folks for it! Your yarn is gorgeous!!

Knittymama said...

Hmmmm, maybe a yarn stealing bat?

Beth said...

Treating yourself to Panera was a good idea. It helps. We love Panera here! In fact, I was going through the receipts the other day and I expect to soon hear a little talk about Panera from my husband. Oops! Good luck with work!

Sheila said...

Hey, you lool like that lady on the news....whatshername!
That's a cute picture. It makes me miss my black and white fluffy guy.
I get "You look like Alanis Morissette" from the youngfolk (and not-so-youngfolk too), but not so much since Alanis cut her hair. It mostly happens at the grocery store checkout, or when I'm first introduced to someone.