Monday, May 01, 2006

Can You Bear With Me Through A Long Story?

I'll throw you some gratuitous fiber content at the end, I promise. I still can't really knit or spin, but I did find a way to bring the subject back to the blog. Sorta.

The Sheep woke up bright and early this morning. Not even gonna try and find some cutesy way of describing how I knew something was wrong. It was painful and a tiny bit scary if you want the truth. I was chilled and had started to spasm and shake violently. This was another fever spike and it was a doozy. A doooooooooooozey, I tells ya!

My intentions for today were good, but work wasn't gonna happen. The school secretary responsible for getting subs was in something of a pickle. We have a 15 minute window to call in when we need a substitute for the day. I spent 10 of those minutes listening to a busy signal. This was the sign that she might be on the "flustered" side. And she was. She'd been flooded with enough calls this morning that even my sad tale did not move her.

I got a bit tense. Was I doing the right thing? Was doing a mountain/molehill sort of thing? Yikes!! I decided that I'd better call Dr. Judy's office and have them fax a note over to the school to confirm that I was, indeed, under physician's care. This is usually a good idea when you are on day three of your Monkey Pox vacation anyway. Besides, I knew I had some x-rays scheduled for today but danged if I knew when.

The nurse covering the desk this morning appeared to be having a day similar to that of the school secretary. But she gamely looked up my x-ray info and started to write my "get out of school free" card. Because she was clearly doing me a solid during a bad day, I happened to mention the reason behind today's unscheduled absence.

It took her a second.

I then heard a very loud, "WHAT!!!" and had to pull the phone away from my ear.

My day got kinda busy after that.

See, a fever spike is one thing. A fever spike of 105 is something that gets you status. At first she asked if I'd like to come in and see the doctor. She then said, "wait a minute here, you're coming in...sheesh." There was a lengthy lecture on brain damage, seizures, and the joys of the emergency room.

I was in no position to argue and didn't really have the strength anyway. Dr. Judy put me on antibiotics and switched the painkillers to something with an antihistimine rather than a fever reducer so I can load up on ibuprophen at will. And, before I could do anything about it...faxed note #2 to the school stating that I would be out for the next few days. The other school secretary got it before I could even reach her by phone and she is one for whom I will abide by it. I'm out until at least Thursday.

Next up: chest and rib x-rays. On to the lab! I walked in with a family that included a young teen. She seemed...well...let's just say "upbeat." And lacked boundaries. As I was the first through the door, I made it to the counter first. Said teenager accompanied me to the window and proceed to "hang out" as I gave out highly sensitive medical information. I kept giving the lady at the counter the "eye" hoping she would get the hint and realize that this child was not with me. The girl wandered off for a bit so I strategically placed my body more centrally in the window so she would have less room to intrude. No...she just snuggled right up and stood on my foot. (note: last temp. check had been 103, my mood was sorta foul) I smiled sweetly and said, "I'll really only just be a minute" then did the head-jerk to indicate the seating area. I again turned pleading eyes on the desk ladies. Finally they caught a hint and asked if this young lady was with me. I said that she was most definitely not. She was directed to a seat. Window ladies were thanked and x-rays proceeded without incident from there. Now, I know that there is generally more to any story than what we see on the surface. Especially when you are at the lab. For all I know this charming young lady's mother was there to have her left nostril bored back open after a nasty altercation with a cement mixer...or has cancer... So I try not to assume that everyone is just a jerk or a bad parent. But come on! Telling the light of your life to get the hell away from the grumpy looking lady before she bites your nose off is just basic parenting.

So, I'm home for a couple more days and super hoping that I don't have another fever-related incident any time soon. I'll keep ya posted!

Meanwhile, some promised fiber content:

I was up bright and early attending to my near demise and all so I got to do my blog checks earlier than usual. Now we are normally entertained and enlightened by Enchanting Juno. But today, I felt it was my god-given duty to participate in DeStashing Juno. She is unloading some sock yarn and I was able to score some Koigo. Do I honestly need sock yarn right now? Not so much. But her descriptions of her sock issues were so very similar to mine that it just felt like I was supporting a sister...and I kinda just wanted it. Near death and all...

It was a busy day. I've lost the direction in which I was posting. I am on a disturbing amount of medication right now.



mrichme said...


CamMad is glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself. Let us know if you need anything. Get well soon because the kids want their noisy toy from Easter and Child1 needs her Auntie Sheepish Annie to be well enough to say Happy Birthday on Thursday.

Teri S. said...

Your Monkey Pox saga gets worse and worse. Does Dr. Judy have any clue what it really is? A 105 fever is nothing to sneeze at. It's pretty scary, actually. So, are you drinking plenty of fluids? And know that if I lived closer, I'd bring you chicken soup or whatever else is good for what ails you. Take care of yourself and get well soon!