Sunday, May 07, 2006

Corriedale, You Had Me At, "Hello."

Today has been one of my better days. I'm short of breath, but the pain has been minimal and that has made for a much more rosy outlook. I was able to sleep for four hours before having to stagger out of the bed in search of medicine, but I was able to staunch the stabbings with Advil instead of a prescription and then grab another couple of hours on the sofa. Here's hoping that things are getting better. When I think where I was a week ago...

So today has been all about the corriedale:

Look at the pretty stuff in the front, not the leafy Jacob in the back.

And bobbin #2 is coming along!

I did get a wee bit 'o the knitting in, but not so much that it's worth alot of blog time. The truth is, I'd love to be doing another sock, but I need to rest the wrists in between dpn projects in order to calm the clicking and clacking of my aged joints.

Other than that, it's just been fending off nine million calls from my mother making sure that I am all right. I'm very lucky to have my mom in my life and don't think I don't know that. However, she has called me every day since the beginning of the Monkey Pox saga and I am running out of things to say. "Yes, I am sleeping." "Yes, I am eating." "No, I don't need you to come over...really." "Yes, I would love you to send me that article you just read on how pneumonia is the slow killer of women over 40; I wouldn't find that disturbing at all..." It's a "mom-thing." Whaddaya gonna do?

I have also spent this weekend ingesting large amounts of protein and fat (in the form of mini doughnuts...yummy) so we're hoping that I've managed to fill in the hollows to some degree. As my co-workers are quite good about pointing out how I'm looking on any given day I'll be interested to see if my weekend endeavors have made any difference. The consensus as of Friday was that I looked like Hell on a bad day and needed to do something about that. One box of mini doughnuts later, I'm hoping for the best.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...



knitannie said...

That yarn looks very pretty, have you got plans for it? Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, I didn't realise donuts had such healing qualities.

trek said...

Hey that's pretty blue yarn - way to go.