Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just A Quickie...

Just time for a short one, here. It seems that it takes more time out of my day to not be at my job than it does to actually just go there. I'm going to be missing two meetings tomorrow due to my enforced absence and have to have reports available so that everyone will have my pearls of wisdom upon which to reflect if not my actual oration.

Yesterday could be called a "bad day." We all on board with that? Today, though, the fates saw fit to grant me a slight reprieve. My fever stayed under 100 all day and, a couple of times there, was actually normal. And I mean normal for me, not what the textbooks say. (97.6 or so) Of course, the pain in my side was horrific, my nose is still bleeding and I'm breathing like one of those little snuffy dogs, but...no fever!!!!! I can take the rest.

No word yet from the x-ray people so there's no other information to report health-wise. I'll stay home again tomorrow per doc's orders then head back on Thursday unless the fever fairy returns to leave me another little present.

I actually gave The Sock Of Despair a little bit of time today seeing as I'd had the whole "worst day" thing already happen. I only got about four rows done, but they were decrease rows and that counts for something in the Big Book Of Knitting Good Deeds as I see it. Maybe I will actually get thing thing done. Maybe that will be the sacrifice that goes up to them vengeful knittin' gods in order that I not be smite yet again.

And, just so you don't get all mislead and thinking that I'm just turning it all around here, I did get hit with one more potential whammy today. I scooted out for some vitamin water just before 5:00 tonight after a day of heavy rain. I noticed that the truck was running a bit choppy, but figured that things were soggy and let it go. Any one want to make the call here? Anyone? Yup. Engine light came on and the car is bucking like a mighty bronco. My brother is a good egg and always on call when needed. I described the situation and we are in agreement that I probably just have some wet ignition wires. I'm not going to worry about it for the moment...not that I could what with the painkillers and all. (wheeeeeee!) If it's still an issue tomorrow , he'll come help me out in the afternoon. Or I could just take another sick day...what the heck. Tomorrow will only make 5 in a row. What's one more???

So, again, thanks to those who have been checking in. I'm fine and on the mend. Still very tired and sore, but it looks like The Sheep will live to fight another day. I ate dinner tonight for the first time since last Wednesday.

Pizza! (those who know me know that this is a very good sign)


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trek said...

Hope the pizza stays with you.