Sunday, May 14, 2006

Um, I Was Just Kidding...

In my last post, I made a little jest regarding the feasibility of knitting an ark. When will I learn? Jokes of late have actually been precursors to disaster.

It has been raining...alot. I live in the Southern part of Maine and, as I have just learned, we are currently under a state of emergency due to flooding. Where I am is fine; soggy, but fine. Just a wee bit south of here, however, it is something of a mess. Roads are trashed, schools are closed, animals are pairing off into groups of two and it's the end of the world as we know it. And that is where I work in my grown-up, non-blogging life.

The upshot of this is: The Sheep gets a day off tomorrow. I just got the call and confirmed it via the all-knowing internet. My school district has cancelled for the day due to the high water levels and lack of roads upon which to drive.

So...what to do? I could get some local errands done. My license is expiring this week and I need a prescription refilled. Or, I could snuggle in at home and play with the spinning wheel. Of the two possible choices, the first would really be the most responsible. The second seems the most likely, though. I'll admit to being a tad on the lazy side at times, but I really do feel like I have an excuse. For Mother's Day today, I assisted with the planting of Mom's new ornamental grass garden. (this was all she wanted in the way of gifting) It felt good to work the old muscles again, but I am a bit tuckered out from the experience. I'm really feeling so much better and am thinking that my x-rays on Friday will reveal lung healing of epic proportions. But I sure do tire easily...

I guess I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. Either way, it's a day off. Not loving the circumstances and I hope everybody down in my "work" neck of the woods is doing OK. Let's all cross our fingers and hope for some dry weather soon!

I mean, honestly! This is getting ridiculous!



Teri S. said...

I vote for snuggling in and getting some spinning done. The Decadent Cheesy Bread in yesterday's post looked really good. Is The Sheep willing to share her recipe? Enjoy your day off tomorrrow and stay dry!

trek said...

I think that a knit ark would get pretty soggy, don't you? ;o)