Monday, May 29, 2006

Humidity And Houseguests...

The Sheep is pleased to report that summer has arrived in the Northeast. It's 82 degrees, the fans are up and running and the first of my seasonal houseguests have arrived. They are, as always, uninvited and unwelcome. They don't care that I don't want them here. No amount of sidelong looks, sighs or outright demands to vacate will affect their stay. Only outright carnage will do.

The ants have landed.

Not the cute little ones. (we used to call them "sweet ants." I've no idea why...) These are the big ones. The kind whose faces you can actually discern. And they are smiling at me in a way that I find deeply disturbing. I think they know that I am planning their demise via the purchase of bait traps and the like. If there is ever an ant revolution I suspect that it will start in my kitchen.

I am not a bad housekeeper. It would actually take years of training and practice for me to achieve that status. Thus, it is not really all that shocking that they have chosen my home to erect their bunkers for their attack upon all humanity. When we are all huddled in caves trying to avoid the anty menace, you'll know who to blame. I'll own it. All I ask is that my punishment be cutting remarks and cold coffee. Please don't throw me in a volcano or anything. It was really an honest mistake...

When not squashing the little creatures wandering amongst the cat bowls, I have made a little progress on the Jaywalkers:

We're into the foot!
It's been sort of an "on again off again" undertaking today as my energy level is low and it seems a bit warm to be handling wool. Still, I feel like I've made some headway. There was some confusion when picking up stitches along the heel flap as I may have gotten a bit "enthusiastic" when knitting and added a few more rows than necessary to that little area. It all worked out (after a bit of adjusting) and we are forging ahead as if it was what we meant to do all along. It's just my way...
Since it's back to the grind tomorrow it looks like these will go back to their slow, but steady rate of completion. No pressure, though. The school year is winding down and I won't be working more than one day per week over the summer this year (I hope) so there will be plenty of time to put these in the FO column. Of course, there is much to do between now and then so I'd best not get ahead of myself!
I will, however, enjoy what's left of today's little summer "preview" and get in a few more hobby related activities. I'm posting this then heading over to the wheel to spin up a bit more of the corriedale. (No more pictures, I promise. You've all be quite patient with my overblogging on this subject) Then I suppose that I should look into making a lunch for tomorrow and finding appropriate garments.
A Peaceful And Safe Memorial Day To All. (except the and your kind will fail in your attempt to take over this land!!!!!!!)


Julie said...

They're called 'sweet ants' because they eat sugar. I'd tell you what I call them but it looks like you're running a family blog and I wouldn't want to offend anyone.

I lived in Hawaii ten years, and I found there is only one cure for ants: Arson.

Good luck!

laurie in maine said...

No, my ants - found yesterday pouring from the sill of the doorway - NOT GOOD...are what your ants hope to grow up and be as big as one day. Have probably damaged a layer of ozone and traps are set for their evil friends. I'm blaming it on wood for the winter woodstove.

And although my housekeeping skills sound on equal footing with yours, I did put down my knitting yesterday and do a bit of it. So WHY is the sink FULL of dirty dishes AGAIN? Who the hell's been eating? Cooked a big pot of chicken chili because the said it was going to rain all weekend. Nevermind. :)

trek said...

It's my own pattern - but I'm going to post some of the details soon - maybe tomorrow if I can get a good detail picture of the leg pattern.