Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Sock Of Despair Is No More!

It is now The Sock Of Triumph and has joined it's mate in holy sockimony. A pair forever! It's a beautiful thing!

It was a long and harrowing road...
I finished these up in the wee hours of the morning after a failed attempt to actually sleep one night in my bed. The pain finally got to me and I had to crawl back to the couch for pain meds. While I waited for those to kick in I was able to finish the decreases and graft the toe. Done and done! Never has a project been so fraught with issues... However, The Sheep swore that she would finish them before starting anything else and, for once, followed through. I plan to be buried in these things.
The next project is on the needles and is yet another attempt to make a dent in what I have cluttering up the joint. I'm not sure if I have enough yarn, but what the heck. I'm forging ahead. We'll see what happens. Progress reports will be based on how many stupid errors plague me along the way. I'm learning the way of the blogger: The Sheep who posts too early will spend much time explaining away mistakes best left unrevealed.
I also went ahead and ordered some fiber to start spinning the custom yarn for my stylist's handwarmers. She has given me some very, shall we say "specific" requirements for this pair and I am unable to find the right yarn. One does not mess with one's stylist. I will make these things happen and I will make them happen according to her wishes. Please note: I love Amy dearly, perhaps even more for her bullying ways. She can just make "hair happen" in spite of me and my input.
The Corrie has taken a few turns on the wheel as well. My back is in pretty bad shape today and it's been sort of hard to sit for extended periods so not much progress to report on that front. I'm starting on the second of what I hope will be three bobbins. This should make a pretty cool three ply yarn. Who am I kidding? This stuff is so purty it would make a pretty cool any-ply yarn! I just love it so!
All things considered, I do believe that The Sheep has struck a blow against the dreaded Monkey Pox and it's hold over my life. Despite some pain, I'm seem to be back in the saddle hobby-wise and that's always a good sign!
But let's not crow too loudly...we don't want to jinx it!

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