Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Sheep Doesn't Do "Change" Very Well!

I like it when things stay the same. Unless they are sucky. Then I want them to change quickly. And in the way that I choose. But when something is working then I like it to remain a constant. If everyone would just get on board with this then my life would be so much more smooth.

This is the weekend that my Mom's side of the family gathers at my parent's home for their annual Memorial Day reunion. It is one of those things that I dreaded in my younger days, but have come to appreciate more with the advancing of the years. But this year I was faced with a trauma of epic proportions. One which will take me years to overcome. If ever. To understand this drama, you must know two things: first, my Mom's side of the family is the side that can cook. And I'm talking really well!!! Any one of these folks can clip a recipe from Family Circle Magazine, tweak it slightly and serve it at the finest of restaurants to rave reviews. Some of the foods are old favorites served for generations, others are new discoveries. Either way, it is nothing short of a gastronomic delight whenever these gatherings occur. Second: the family member in question here is my great aunt. In her seventies, she still works full time, cares for her grandchildren and volunteers regularly. In short, a slow day for her is a day that might kill me. I should be cutting her some slack. I realize this.

Imagine my delight upon seeing that she brought her most amazing cheesecake to the family reunion yesterday. It is by far my favorite of all that she has ever baked and I was quick to get to the dessert table in order that I might get my slice. I huddled in the corner savoring my sweet looking for all the world like a crack addict in a flophouse and didn't care. I was happy. Later, I overheard my Dad telling auntie how much he'd enjoyed her cheesecake. I then heard the words that have rocked my world forevermore. Nothing will ever be the same.

"Oh, that was a cheat...I used a mix."

There isn't enough therapy in the world, people.

But, I must accept that things have changed. The world has moved on and auntie has joined the ranks of the box-buyers. There's nothing I can do. I was, however, momentarily distracted by something my Mom slipped into my bag of "take-home goodies." I've never used this before:

It's several balls of gimp.
And by the looks it has been kicking around for a bit. I'll tuck this into the stash and see if I can come up with a plan for it. Any thoughts???
Since I was traumatized and all I decided to set aside Amy's project for the weekend and work on my Jaywalkers. I felt that I needed to nurture my saddened soul. Actually, I just got bored with the other project and felt like doing something else. I finished up the heel flap:

And am now turning the heel. I'm not sure how long I'll be focused on this for today given that it is a bit warm to be knitting wool socks and all. But it is entertaining me for the moment so we'll see how far I get.

It doesn't quite make up for the shattering of my childhood illusions but it's all I have. Well, that and the lemon squares tucked in the fridge that were brought to the reunion by another aunt. Since I was also provided with the recipe for those suckers I know that they are the real deal!!!

This I can cling to...



laurie in maine said...

Came over to visit after reading your comment on my blog - still new enough to this blogging thing that it tickles me no end when strangers leave a comment!! Mostly the MOM BLOG is required reading for my daughters and the one cousin I sent the link confessed she had no idea what a blog was :) But was dutifully eager for more installments to come once she figurered it out.

I have just been given 2 or 3 skeins/balls (?) of that same gimp in navy blue. When you get a clue what to do with it I would love to know!!
Laurie in Maine, too ;)

Sheila said...

I'm feeling left one has given ME any gimp!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. You're a funny girl, and I look forward to reading more of your writings.
P.S. I spent several years in my late 20's early 30's as the crazy old cat lady- gave it up to re-marry. I sometimes miss those days when I could knit or whatever for hours and hours with no interruptions.

Teri S. said...

Oh no! A cheesecake from a box! That would rock my world, too. However, even though I cook mostly everything from scratch, I'm finding that as I age, I'm getting a little more forgiving of others' shortcuts. But it still doesn't stop that initial knee-jerk reaction. Funny that you would post about boxed versus "real" food. I just posted about eating local.