Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sheep Is Not A "Celebrant."

Things to factor into this equation:

1. I went back to work after two days of lolling about like a beached whale noshing on doughnut holes.

2. The children all made it back to school safe and sound and with little bus-related difficulty.

3. Half my staff did not make it back to school safe and sound. They are trapped in their homes.
4. I was awake much of the night thinking about how much stuff had piled up in the way of work over the last two days and panicking given that it is impossible to actually finish said stuff.

5. The Sheep is somewhat lazy and often shlumps on the couch with her mouth hanging open and making humming noises. The Sheep enjoys this.

So here's how it's gonna go:

We have the obligatory rose be-decked cake. (chocolate, of course)

We have a fancy-schmancy dinner for one.

The parents have called and sung to me in their endearing off-key style and reminisced about the day that they were gifted with this wonderful child. (My Dad likes to tell about how my nose was shmooshed over to one side and that they had to "coax" it back into something vaguely resembling a human schnozz)

That's it. We're calling it good. Another year on the planet has been acknowledged. Whew!! I'm thinking that I will have to rest up after this one.

I like regular days. The kind that don't involve expectations or people leaping out of nowhere to yell celebratory greetings and ask how old you are. Or elementary school children guessing your age to be somewhere around the century mark. Birthdays are just stressful in so very many ways!

Gonna go eat me some cake. That part I like!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Teri S. said...

Well, I'm going to leap out of nowhere to wish you a happy birthday and wishes for many more!

Annie said...

Hope you enjoyed your special birthday dinner. Many Happy Returns.