Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nuthin' New Goin' On Here!

Finishing that first skein of the corriedale was such a rush!!! Whoo, baby! Now that the high has passed, The Sheep seeks another hit of the old endorphines. And there's none to be had here at Chez Sheepie. Nothing approaching the finish line, nothing new to which I might look forward...just a pair of languishing socks and a "must create for Amy the Scary Stylist or risk bad hair" project. That's it. I'm jonesin' for something to make my heart strings go, "zing!"

As I meander through blogland, however, it appears that I am not alone in this dilemma. Are we all just having difficulty with the transition from season to season? Or is there some sort of knitting virus out there akin to the Bird Flu that has swept through the fiber community and left us all languishing? Or am I simply projecting my own malaise upon you all and ignoring the fact that you are fine and producing mass quantities of hand knitted lace. I say lace because I can't knit that. Well, I suppose I could if I could somehow master the art of counting, but that hasn't seemed to go well for me.

Oh well. I guess I'll just forge ahead with my current WIPs and hope for the best. Perhaps one of them will suddenly reveal itself to be the project that catapults me into greatness. Or something just past average. I'm not picky.

In other news, I called Dr. J's office today to see if my x-ray results might, perchance, be available for my perusal. They were and the report was something of a "good news/bad news" thing. There has been a "significant" clearing of the googlie-mooglies which moved into the old lungs a few weeks ago, but not enough to call me cured. I have to call back once the doc has reviewed the report but there seemed to be more interest in how I'm feeling these days than I really wanted to hear. I shared that it had been a bit of a long road but that this week was one in which I was feeling more like the old "moi" and that the pain had almost completely subsided. I'm still going to have to go back for more of the rays in two to four weeks. Between the Monkey Pox and Dr. DeSade DMD doing all his torture/dental work over the past seven months I have had more x-rays than any human being should ever have. 'Tis truly a good thing this Sheep is not interested in procreating as I'm pretty sure that I'd give birth to something quite "unique" at this point. Sheesh!!!

But lung googlies and knitting malaise aside, this weekend is a long one! And that makes for a happy Sheep no matter what the circumstances!!! There will be a frantic rush of bread baking within the next few days as the Sheep family reunion will occur on Saturday. There will be a great clamor for Cheesy Bread from the relatives and I don't like to disappoint, dontcha know. Time permitting, I'll try to knock out a couple loaves of the whole wheat as well. Time may get the better of me on that one, though.

Then again, it's not like I've got the knitting fever or anything...just left-over Monkey Pox googlies.



trek said...

A trek sock bag - the cure for the googlie-mooglies and Monkey Pox. Sorry, shameless plug that. Feel better - cast on a new project. Felt!

Anonymous said...

Those pox sure do hang on. Feel better soon.
There is a malaise in blogland. I think that's why there have been so many new KALs and so much interest in the new Mason Dixon book. Everyone is looking for something to light their fire. I am stuck in socking knitting land. I can't seem to commit to anything else.