Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bucking Trucks And Pricey Paperweights...

Last night was a rough one for The Sheep. Well, I've had worse of late, but I was up at three o'clock with some back pain and that sort of put the ki-bosh on any further sleep. I was pretty wrecked today. Plus, I was convinced that the truck was just no way gonna start up after the little hissy fit it put on for me yesterday.

But, like so many inanimate objects of late, it acted like nothing had ever happened and made me look like a crazy lady. I swear to you, it was like driving a bucking bronco yesterday...honest!!! Today? Nothing. The engine light never even came on. My truck is mocking me.

Fortunately, today was an early release day for students so the staff could have placement meetings for next year's classes. I didn't have to be in those and most of what I needed to do could be done off-site so I got permission to take my now-healthy vehicle home. Frankly, I was pretty wiped out.

As I was driving home, I realized that this may be par for the course for a while. The more people I talk to who have had pneumonia, the more I realize how long the recovery time could be on this. If I'm going to be working at home, I'd better get me a working printer. So, I stopped off at the printer store on the way home and got myself a phone/fax/copier/printer/scanner thingamabobbie that should cover all my needs. It's stunning. And I can't use it. When I went to connect the USB cable to the computer, it was nowhere to be found. Isn't that something that should have been included??? It's sort of a vital component to the whole printing process...I mean, the whole kit 'n kaboodle needs to be connected, right? Why wouldn't they give me a cable? Do they hate me? Is this yet another inanimate object that is chuckling at my expense?

Or did I lose the cable? I lose stuff...alot. Nope. I refuse to believe that. It's not my fault. "They" didn't give me the cable.

So, I'm now the proud owner of the world's most expensive paperweight. OK, there are probably solid gold paperweights out there with diamond encrusted whosits on them and they are probably more expensive. But this is certainly the most this Sheep has ever paid for something that just sits on a table and does me no good.

Gaze upon does nothing. But it's got alot of cool buttons!
OK, so I'll get a cable tomorrow and all will be well. It's just par for the course right now, I guess. Eventually, stupid things will stop happening to me.
The question now is: should I attempt the sock? We all know what incredibly ridiculous things happen when I knit socks: transformers explode, stitches wander off for parts unknown, math needs to be applied to fix errors of epic proportions, the earth tilts just a fraction on it's axis and weather is altered for all know, stuff like that. I hesitate to tempt the fates here.
But we all know I'm gonna.


trek said...

But it is such an attractive paperweight!

Mia said...

Eh, what the hell.. live on the wild side and start the sock... it's not like you can FAX anything for God's sake....

It'll be okay :-)