Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If I Can Follow A Simple Plan...

All righty. The Sheep is taking control back here. Enough is enough. I have been a slave to my weakened frame for going-on seven days now. If I can do some of life's simpler activities (and a couple of life's required activities) then I see no reason to stay home yet another day. Here's what I'm thinking:

1. Get Dressed. Most people do not stumble through their day in pink kitty pj's. Hugh Hefner is the only adult who has ever garnered any respect for going through his day clad in nightwear and I do not believe that he would be the mogul he is today if he was wearing pink flannel. I am going to wear day clothes until it is dark.

2. Eat solid food. Not just least three times today. I saw some people doing it on T.V. and it didn't look that hard. And it even looked kind of tasty.

3. Call doctor and see if anyone is ever going to share the results of my x-rays. Since a black truck has not screeched up to my condo in the dead of night and whisked me away to a secure lab, I believe it is safe to assume that I am not mutating or showing symptoms of bone fungus. My job has some physical demands and I'm going to need some guidance before striding confidently back into the workplace. I'm going to assume that taking narcotic pain medication during the school day will be discouraged. That's a shame.

4. See if the truck is still pathetically flashing a picture of an engine at me. If so, I will need to center myself fully in my "girly" place and call my brother. He has offered some help and I am going to take it. I am also going to pay him. Winters are his slow time business-wise so I will be acting responsibly and earning sisterly get-into-heaven points.

5. Wear shoes for at least one hour. I haven't done that in days. Shoes are cute...I like shoes.

6. Focus past the painkillers long enough to pay the mortgage and condo. fees. It would be really tragic to recover from the Monkey Pox only to become homeless and have to live in my car...while it shows me engine pictures and sounds sad.

Now If I can pull off these types of things, I do believe that I am ready to rejoin my colleagues in the world of work. I awoke this morning fever free so, unless it jumps up again, I will have the requisite 24 hours under my belt to justify my paycheck.

Thanks again for the kind words and humor. It all came at a much needed time. Hard to believe how quickly one can go from up to down and what it takes to recover. I'm off to get this day moving and see how long I can stay in operational mode!

Stay tuned!



missemilysmom said...

oh my... I hope all is okay~~


Mia said...

Hi Sheepie,
Yeah, I have to agree.. getting dressed is probably a good idea *grin* and that eating thing too... I've just re-discovered the joy of a nicely toasted English Muffin (whole wheat for health, ya know)

You've been getting sick quite a bit it seems... maybe you need to drink more cocktails.. with juice, of course :-)

Hang in there...