Thursday, May 18, 2006

And So It Begins...

It was all going so well. Jaywalkers. A simple pattern...awesome surprises...two row repeat. And yet, somehow, I have managed to lose a stitch. There was no warning, no "gee something isn't right here." Suddenly there was one less stitch than I needed and a hole where the fabric should be smooth and unsullied.

What is it with The Sheep and socks? I am entranced by them. I have this urge to create them. They call to me. I think about them all the time. I might even dream about them, but I am not one who really remembers my dreams. I knit them despite clicking wrists, sore thumbs and eyestrain.

And something always seems to go horribly awry. These are rookie mistakes. A dropped stitch? C'mon!!!!! If I could pick it up and move on this would be a non-event. But it is eluding me. It may even be taunting me in some yarn language that I do not understand. It's frog-time. I will beat this. Yet it is irritating on so very many levels.

But that will wait. Right now I need to find some chocolate and pretend that all is right in my knitting universe.

Tomorrow I head over to the local institution of healing to have some chest x-rays and get some idea how the pneumonia is coming along. There is still some pain on the right side so I'm guessing that it's maintaining something of a stronghold in there. However, my breathing is improved overall so I'm not overly concerned.

Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. I'm honestly not a Grumpy Gus who hates any and all celebratory activities. I like a good whoop-de-doo as much as the next sheep. And I did have a good day...the Lean Pocket followed by cake gave me a fit of irony-inspired giggles! However , this was not a milestone b-day so I felt that a more low-key approach was appropriate. Plus I was tuckered out...

Now it's off to the kitchen to fortify myself with sugar, cocoa and antioxidents in order that I might attack the frogging of Jaywalker with all the gusto and confidence that a one-year-older, pneumatic sheep can muster. Wish me luck!


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